242: Tame the Rudders

Rudder Pedals are hard to optimize because one good setting is unlikely to perform equivalently well on all types of aircrafts.    In association with the setting shown below,


I normally will reduce the rudder_effectiveness by 50% of a specific aircraft, of course when necessary, so as to enhance its taxi quality while not sacrificing overall realism.


The parameter is located under the [flight_tuning] section of the aircraft.cfg file.

As shown, there are other flight control parameters one might possibly explore to realize an optimally tuned aircraft.

8 thoughts on “242: Tame the Rudders

  1. I know this is off topic but I could not login . Would you please send me the link to your FIP gages? Thank you


  2. Tom I have no [flight_tuning] in my CFG do you mean copy everything in the post above and paste it as a whole new section in my CFG?


  3. Thanks Tom, for the hint, I’ll definitely try this. I’ve used numerous rudder settings in FSX as well as Prepar3d with mixed results, often leading to wiggly lines on ground.


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