248: Tame the Rudders Update 1

The rudder pedals in simulation are really hard to tame.    Followings are the updated settings for the brake and rudder axes that I have further reduced, in coordination with the rudder_effectiveness set to 50% as described in Post 242.


Wouldn’t say above perfect but taxi maneuverability is truly enhanced.

If any of you have any good settings or suggestions for the taming of the Rudder Pedals, welcome to post and share them in the Comments section below.

6 thoughts on “248: Tame the Rudders Update 1

  1. Hi Tom

    Thanks for this … I have a couple of PC’s with Saitek rudder pedals now … I guess they are becoming de-facto USB standard for a lot of us unless you want to spend some serious money that most of us dont have … its amazing how many seriously expensive exotic rudder pedals are out there for the PC … but I digress … we mostly use the Saitek ones here.

    I’ve tried the CH rudder pedals before, they worked fine of course but felt quite close together pedal wise? and before that the old Thrustmaster ones … but thats going back a bit and no toe brakes.

    Saitek have three different sets of USB rudder pedals now it seems … I have the early ones from almost day one and the third in the series the Combat ones now too … I’ve not tried the Cessna licensed ones, internally the base mechanism is all the same I think and no difference in potentiometers and none have hall sensors that really should be used IMHO … but we have what we have.

    I cant vouch for the Saitek Cessna pedals, but I prefer the Saitek Combat rudder pedals for all usage … they may look military but you dont look at them when using them, you would not think it, our feet are almost numb for feel compared to our articulate hands … I really do prefer using them just now because of the extra weight and balance the Combat pedals provide and will use the popular Saitek center detent mod asap for one of them soon that seems almost mandatory for helicopter usage … especially when we stray into more accurate helicopter modelling that DCS are striving for.

    Your settings are spot on Tom as always and I always defer to them when setting up FSX again after a format… you save me a lot of hard work.

    Much respect



  2. Hi Tom,

    I’m bran spanking new to the FSX world! Have purchased the game but have NEVER played it (flew couple times on friends computer but crashed every landing) but have not loaded it on computer because in process of upgrading computer with GPU Video cards.

    How can I effectively use your website information? Its above my head — I am in process of going through FSXGenius’s videos for training and learning FSX.

    Help! If you can — jgarrett123@hotmail.com

    Thank You Sir for your consideration and time!



    1. Hi John,
      Glad to hear that you just joined the FSX community. Since you have started FSXGenius’s video, do continue.
      My site mostly talks about tips and tweaks regarding FSX system software and hardware tuning. Once you start flightsimming, you could come back and search for suggestions on issues you encountered or ideas to improve your system.
      Hope they help.


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