175: Engine Hours Patch for RPM Gauge

I thought at least one of those who are using my Centurion T210 gauges would have noticed and asked me why the RPM gauge they are using doesn’t have the Engine Hours display as I showed in my Post 173.  Obviously, all of them have been busy flying instead.    Haha.

The Engine Hours update patch is now ready.   It will show the current numbers of hours an aircraft has flown and update constantly during a flight session.

Subscribers of FSX Times can write me a note to get the patch via the COMMENTS section below as usual for the download link.

Others who aren’t subscribers yet could enter their emails and press the [Click Me to Subscribe] button on the right hand column to become a subscriber first.   Otherwise, requests will be ignored.

As said, there will be no more new gauges coming out in at least a couple of months.   But the current five gauges should bring good enough fun.

An Update – The Company DOESN’T Care


Probably anyone could tell from all the flightsim gears I bought from Saitek and the many custom gauges I developed for its FIPs that I am really a big fan to the company’s Pro Flight products.   That’s no doubt about it, but that’s also the reason why I was so upset when I got the unreasoning answer from the company’s supporting team regarding my help request on the format for the masking bmp files.

Beyond expectation, the company then followed my grievance promptly and positively.   Despite the misunderstanding involved, I have to admit that I am impressed by the care the company pays onto a customer’s concern.

I never regard myself more special than other customers to the company.   So, there’s no reason why I cannot clear out all my discontent and look to the future.

Even though I’ve tried to put myself in the company’s perspective to look into the service the company promised to deliver, it turns out to be that the company only talks and talks.   I have no more fancy that company really cares about their customers — no matter how beautifully they present themselves.

After all, I am still a big fan to the company’s flightsim products.