175: Engine Hours Patch for RPM Gauge

I thought at least one of those who are using my Centurion T210 gauges would have noticed and asked me why the RPM gauge they are using doesn’t have the Engine Hours display as I showed in my Post 173.  Obviously, all of them have been busy flying instead.    Haha.

The Engine Hours update patch is now ready.   It will show the current numbers of hours an aircraft has flown and update constantly during a flight session.

Subscribers of FSX Times can write me a note to get the patch via the COMMENTS section below as usual for the download link.

Others who aren’t subscribers yet could enter their emails and press the [Click Me to Subscribe] button on the right hand column to become a subscriber first.   Otherwise, requests will be ignored.

As said, there will be no more new gauges coming out in at least a couple of months.   But the current five gauges should bring good enough fun.


34 thoughts on “175: Engine Hours Patch for RPM Gauge

  1. Hi Tom,
    New to your Blog and have been looking at your post from day one (still have a way to go) and would like to get the like to your FIP upgrades.

    Thank you
    Oz Flyer


  2. Hello I love your website it is an absolute mine of information, however I like to fly four engine turbo props especially the Avro Lancaster, but have not been able to find a four engine rev counter gauge for a Saitek FIP any suggestions would be appreciated


  3. Dear Mr. Tom Tsui

    I started the traffic pattern flight lesson on FSX in this summer.
    I bought the Flight Instrument Panel for flight well.
    But the the original engine RPM panel is too small, so I can not see clearly.
    I found your site was on the Internet.
    I think your gauges gives me a good environment for me.
    Please send me your gauges for my good flight.

    Sorry for my poor English.
    I hope you’ll understand.

    Hiro, Japan


  4. Hello Tom

    Could you please email me a link for your gauges? I’m currently studying for my real PPL, and have a 10 FIP setup. I’m not sure why Saitek left out a full size RPM indicator, it’s essential for real-life flying!

    Many thanks, Howard


    1. Hi Howard, you are right that Saitek is a customer careless company. You can read some of the bad experiences I had with the company in my earlier post. Anyway, the links have been sent to you.
      BTW, you are using fsxtimes as your email name. How smart you are!


  5. Tom, just putting the finishing touches on my 12 FIP system and am super excited to get as many gauges as you have. The quality of your implementations is amazing! Keep up the great work!



  6. Hi Tom, could you be so kind as to send me a link for all of your gauges? Expecting arrival of my first Saitek FIP tomorrow, but never liked the ‘look’ of Saitek’s own gauges. Yours look beautiful, and are more in keeping with the types I like to fly.
    Out of interest, how easy is it to install new gauges?
    Keep up the great work!
    Many Thanks,


  7. Dear Tom,

    be so kind, please and and send to me link for all new guages for C210. By the way sometimes the guages are late abou 1-2 second then I can see in LCD monitor, do you have some experiences how it can make better?

    Many thanks Martin


    1. Hi Martin,
      It happens when the CPU is working on something else. Try eliminate your programs or processes being run during FSX. See my Post 115 Less is Still More. It should help somehow.
      The gauges have been sent to your mailbox.


    1. Hi Jason, as replied to Peter in another email, I don’t fly big jets often so the priority of making one for 737 is low. But I will think about it and keep an eye for you if there is anything available. Tom


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