415: Primary Flight Display (PFD) Released

The generic Garmin G5 style PFD has been completed.   As mentioned earlier, this is by far the most complicated gauges I made for the FIP, particularly in terms of layout implementations.

For example, just the vertical speed indicator alone (on the edge of the right hand side) took me nearly a week to get to a satisfied result, which allows it to adapt to various vertical speed requirements up to +/- 9,900 feet.

Color matching is also a very time-consuming task because the bitmaps shown on the FIP could turn out to be vastly different from the computer display (see the image took by iPhone above and the image captured from the computer below).

The variety in brightness among the 10 FIPs I purchased in different periods also adds difficulty to get to a final result generally good for them all.

Followings are the features so far implemented on the PFD:

At present, the PFD comes standard with 4 colored-airspeed scales customized for the popular B58, C172SP, C172R and C182T, plus a non-colored airspeed scale that is good for bigger airliners or other aircraft.

In future, there will be additional features coming as a free upgrade or as a paid option.   Meanwhile, a matching Garmin G5 style HSI is being planned as well.

The pre-sale discount offer is now over and those early birds should have received the PFD download in their mailboxes already.    Any others who are interested in this PFD could click here or click on any image above for more information.


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