416: Find the Pits in Your System

Are you sure you have your system set up properly?   I thought I did until two days ago I found out that my 2133 MHz memory actually had been running at standard 1333 MHz for over a year.
Obviously I somehow missed the configuration the last time when I upgraded the system BIOS.  And too bad I didn’t aware of it at all.

The problem was spotted by a free utility downloaded from UserBenchmark, which gathers performances of key components of computers and compares the results to all others who have the same hardware.

Surely it couldn’t cover every hardware aspect of a computer but it does help quickly identify potential issues and provides some good ideas where future upgrades should go.

Following is the benchmark summary of my system.  What is yours?




4 thoughts on “416: Find the Pits in Your System

  1. Hi Tom

    That’s a very useful and valid benchmark, thanks!

    Gave it a quick run to check it out but was doing system maintenance in the background too at time, will run again soon and pass on my findings for you soon.

    Recently I was using an expensive I7 5960X eight core CPU, unfortunately after an update reboot it just died, know this because I had a spare X99 motherboard to test it on, bought a replacement I7 5820K six core CPU and this is now my work machine.

    After the failure of the 5960X CPU I rethought my strategy, CPU speed is best for Flight sim, so bought an Overclocked bundle from Scan UK, an I7 6700K four core water cooled 16GB system overclocked to 4.6Ghz, FSX performs better on this than it did on the I7 eight core 5960X clocked to 4.4GHz and that was quite a stressful overclock for that CPU from its stock 3.00 GHz. This is now my main gaming PC and I use my Titan XMaxwell on this machine.

    Have now bought a Kaby Lake I7 7700K four core CPU with HT but switched off bundle from Scan again and this is overclocked by them at 4.8GHz, they do de-lidded 5GHz/5..2GHz overclocked ones too, but I dont need to reach that magical 5 + Gz stressful speed, 4.8GHz seems to be the sweet spot for the I7 7700k and runs all sims and games on my TitanXP at 3440 x 1400 and VR too and not break a sweat … very happy simmer/gamer here and this is now my main Flight Sim PC and I use my Titan XPascall on this one.

    I’ve also tried a 32GB DDR4 four channel kit on the X99 platform and no difference in anything at all I use over 16GB four channel DDR4, this of course will change in the future, but for now, for us I cant help but think 16GB is the sweet spot for ram capacity and use that amount on my Game and Flight sim PC’s now.

    Tell you what though, the six core and even my dead eight core was much better at general windows work multi tasking than these two new four core CPU’s are, even overclocked as high as they are on a Win10 environment … one day we’ll have Sims and games that need multi CPU and the multi core CPU hardware will have the same native speed and overclockable speed as the current four core speed kings do … then there is AMD’s new Ryzen to consider too … not going there any time soon myself, but its good to have competition back and already Intel CPU prices have dropped because of AMD’s comeback … good times we live in for sure hardware wise.

    Thanks again for benchmark Tom, will be trying this soon on my computers.


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