531: XPlane Startup Time with FIPs

While working FIP Gauges for X-Plane these days, I find the time reaching the main menu at sim launch takes much longer while FIPs are powered on as well.

Not a big deal, probably.  But if one can shorten the load up time of X-Plane significantly by simply turning on the FIPs ONLY AFTER the main menu is shown, why not ?   Additionally, I find the act eliminates the occasional crash of FIP Gauges in X-Plane as well.

527: FIP Gauges for FSX/P3D can now be run in X-Plane

Just noted recently from SPAD.neXt’s website, saying that FIP gauges developed for FSX/P3D platform can now be run in X-Plane using its valuetranscribing feature without any modification.  That’s a good news as I have been stuck for more than two years by the incomplete transcodings of SPAD.neXt’s attempt on making FSX/P3D gauges to be compatible in X-Plane.

In the last few days, I’ve been testing the compatibility of many of my FSX/P3D gauges under X-Plane 11 platform running alongside SPAD.neXt.   Followings are my findings:   Continue reading

524: New Gauges for Maule M7, Carenado C172N and A2A A35

A few more sets of FIP gauges for the default Maule M7, Carenado C172N and A2A BeechCraft A35 were developed in the last few months.   In addition, the Carenado C152 gauges have also been updated.  They are all ready now.

Among them all, the Autopilot Control (APC) for the Maule is the most interesting one as it not only fits on the Maule but also good for most other aircraft, in particular to those setups that don’t equip with any autopilot hardware.

Continue reading

516: FIP Gauges for A2A Piper Cub

Since I released the Piper Cub gauges two years ago, there are emails once in a while asking me if the gauges are compatible with A2A’s Piper Cub or if there will be dedicated gauges developed for the A2A aircraft.

Well, here it comes at last.  Even though I don’t fly this fun aircraft much, I am still happy to have it completing my Piper Cub sets.

Do note that since all A2A aircraft use Local Variables (LVars), these new gauges are no exception needing SPAD.neXt to run properly on the FIPs (Flight Instrument Panels). Continue reading

503: Robin DR400/180 Gauges Completed

The Robin DR400 may not be as popular as the Cessna C172 worldwide.   But friends in Europe told me that it is still a well-liked aircraft especially in the Southern continent.

I made the ASI for it 18 months ago.   Now, the ATT, ALT, HDR and Integrated Engines are finished as well.

Together with the VSI from deHavilland DHC-2, TCR from MilViz DHC-2, VOR1 and VOR2 from Cessna C172SP, they generally complete the instrument cluster on the Lionheart DR400/180. Continue reading

497: Gauge-Switcher for X-Plane Plugins

An X-Plane version of the GaugeSwitcher is also developed for those who are using the Logitech X-Plane Plugins for my FSX Times Gauges.

It works similarly and can handle up to 60 FIP gauge setups for X-Plane as well.

The utility has been sent to all users of my XP_Logitech gauges by emails.   Should anyone who hasn’t received the download link in their mailboxes by now could Continue reading

496: Gauge-Switcher v8 Released

GaugeSwitcher is a handy program I developed a couple of years ago to help Saitek FIP Driver users to quickly switch between multiple FSX Times Gauges (say from C172SP to B58 to Mooney Bravo to RAS Duke or vice versa) to match with the aircraft being used or to be used in FSX, FSX-SE and P3D.

The utility was given to users of my Gauges once but stopped for some reasons.

Now, the utility is available again with many optimizations, including compatibility with both Saitek and Logitech Drivers, and Continue reading