791: MSFS V35B ENG Layout Preview

Virtually all my FIP gauges are using darker frames and bezels so as to highlight the MSFS_V35B_FIP_resizeinstruments better.  While working on the layout for the Engine Cluster of the Carenado V35B, I found the variation in lighter color could look similar attractive as well.  I might very likely keep the lighter color style or provide it as a user option.

In the layout being design, there will be additional indicators for Fuel Pump, De-Ice and Pitot Heat, etc, plus essential digital information for Fuel Flow, in addition to the eight core engine instruments on the aircraft

The development is pretty much under schedule so far.  Completion date as planned is optimistic.  The completion date is delayed due to some personal matters.  Download link will be sent as soon as it is ready.  

789: MSFS V35B Guage Presale

In past few days, I received a couple of ASI gauge orders for the A2A Simulations’ V35B. Upon confirmations, the buyers actually need the instrument for the just released Carenado’s V35B in MSFS 2020.  Moreover, the existing ASI for the A2A’s V35B (for FSX and P3D only) is NOT compatible with the Carenado’s V35B in MSFS.

Actually, I have been working on a dedicated FIP gauge set for the MSFS version already because the V35B is one of my favorites, too.

To avoid confusion, here’s the detail of the gauge set before its announcement.MSFS_V35B_Z_BUNDLE_FULL
As planned, there will be 11 to 12 gauges, including the Engine Cluster, tailor-made for the Carenado V35B.  However, Continue reading


With the introduction of the Airspeed Switcher added to the Generic G5 PFD, I received some requests for help and feedbacks for its manual installation process.

Compared to the automatic installation of the G5 PFD, I admit the manual installation of the Airspeed Switcher a little clumsy.G5_AirSpeed_Switcher

Therefore, the installer has been revised accordingly so that the Airspeed Switcher will now be installed automatically with the G5 PFD.  So users are no longer needed to read a couple of pages of text in order to install it.  Everything is now completed automatically.

SIMILARLY, the update is for MSFS platform ONLY.  If you are running FSX or P3D, DON’T INSTALL the update. Continue reading

785: G5 HSI Update (for MSFS Only)

The Generic G5 HSI has been updated to R4r01 with similar Wind DirectionG5_HSI_GIFS fixes as applied to the other HSI and HDG earlier.

NOTE that the update is REQUIRED for MSFS platform ONLY.  If you are running FSX or P3D, DON’T INSTALL the update.

BTW, as I have no longer run FSX and P3D any more, and all newer and future versions of both G5 HSI and PFD are, and will be updated for MSFS platform only, the Category of the gauges in my store has been changed from MSFS+P3D to MSFS_Generic.
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784: Various MSFS HSI Updated

Similar to the Wind Direction Needle fixes to the various HDG’s earlier, HSI’s of the DHC6 TwinOtter, M20R Ovation and PA28R-JF Arrow III have been updated accordingly.

Download Links have been sent to all users already.

If you have not received the email in the next 12 hours, please check your spam folder first and then contact me.

Similar update to the G5 HSI Continue reading

782: Various MSFS HDG Updated

While working on the update of the Engine Cluster for the MSFS C172 earlier, I found the Wind Direction Needle on the C172 HDG Extended Version misaligned. MSFS_C172_HDG_Wind

After checking the codes, the Magnetic Variation parameter, which was a part of the Wind Direction component, is no longer used.  No idea when such change was taken place.

Anyway, necessary revisions have been carried out to the three HDGs, Multi-Shared HDG, C172 HDG and Just Flight Arrow III HDG, which include a Wind Direction Needle in their Extended Versions.

Download Links have been sent to all users already. 

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781: New Wet Compass for MSFS C172

I have a wet compass with Audio Panel and Annunciator made for the C172SP in FSX/P3D.  However, it cannot be simply converted for MSFS because the Audio Panel on the MSFS C172, not only layouts but also programming codes, are different.

Thanks to a US friend Ross’s sponsorship, a new Wet Compass custom-made for the MSFS C172 has been developed accordingly.

The first video below shows the button operations for the Audio Panel, and the second video demonstrates the popping up of the Annunciator Panel when fuel is low and magneto is off.
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