379: Answer to the FIP Difference

Thanks to friends who praised me for removing the jaggies on the FIP gauges. SPADneXt_Screen

I really wish I did.  But it is Ulrich of SPAD.neXt who actually brings the difference.

As Michael comments, we users of FIPs have been disturbed by the jaggies since their launch.

Over the years, I thought the jaggies could only be solved by replacing the LCD screen with a higher resolution one.  Never expect someone could really get rid of them via a piece of software.   It’s truly a landmark because it now opens a much wider possibility to the usage of the FIP gauges in the future.

I think Saitek should not only hire Ulrich (or at least hire some experts like Ulrich) for their products development but also should pay Ulrich for his remarkable achievement, which has greatly alleviated their product potentials and substantially promoted their products indirectly .

Thank you very much Ulrich.


6 thoughts on “379: Answer to the FIP Difference

  1. Great work and thank you both! And Dick, I at first was intimidated by SPAD.neXt, but after getting used to it (which did not take long to do) I have found it invaluable. And I actually enjoy being able to do more advance coding for some of the panels when I wish (for A2A aircraft, as an example).


      1. Technically the FIP is nothing else than an expensive picture-frame. It displays the picture which is rendered on the computer. Not more not less. So everything that has anything to do with rendering is a software issue.

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