330: FIP Toolkit is now P3D Compatible

Alexey has just reported that the GPS support for Prepar3D is pending for the moment due to some unexpected issues.   Fix will be provided once ready.

Alexey has just updated his FIP Toolkit and FIP Customizer.  The new FIP Toolkit, now P3D compatible, can correctly display serial numbers and device information and assign action to the device with defined serial number.

Do note that the new version requires the latest FIP drivers: (or later) which can be downloaded from Saitek’s website.
To download the toolkit, just click on the image above, or click here.

To download the bug-fixed version of the FIP Customizer, click here

New features of both utilities can be found from their respective changelogs.

Thank you Alexey.



6 thoughts on “330: FIP Toolkit is now P3D Compatible

  1. Wondering if there is an alternate download locatio for FIP Toolkit & Customizer. Links in article get a connection refused error.


      1. I mean, what is an idea behind. Could not really understand. Is it just getting the part of the screen and mirror it on FIP? Or this would be custom gauge reading LVARS?


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