484: FIP Customizer Logitech Version

Alexey has added a new version of his FIP Customizer for the Logitech FIP drivers.   To refresh what the utility does, read my Post 264 here.

Note that this new version is good for the Logitech FIP drivers only.   Anyone interested could click on the image to download it.

Link for the FIP Customizer for the Saitek FIP version is still valid in Post 264.



330: FIP Toolkit is now P3D Compatible

Alexey has just reported that the GPS support for Prepar3D is pending for the moment due to some unexpected issues.   Fix will be provided once ready.

Alexey has just updated his FIP Toolkit and FIP Customizer.  The new FIP Toolkit, now P3D compatible, can correctly display serial numbers and device information and assign action to the device with defined serial number.

Do note that the new version requires the latest FIP drivers: (or later) which can be downloaded from Saitek’s website.
To download the toolkit, just click on the image above, or click here.

To download the bug-fixed version of the FIP Customizer, click hereContinue reading

304: FIP Customizer Still Functions

Just installed the new Saitek drivers two days ago as its latest capability of displaying FIPs in desired order at start-up every time is a killer feature which has been longed for by almost all FIP users.

However, the installation or the upgrading of it could be a bit tricky.  I will write up another post later.

A good news, the FIP Customizer by Alexey still work perfectly with the new driver.   His other utility — the FIP Toolkit — has yet been checked, however.

265: FIP Customizer Update

FIP Customizer version 1.02 has just been uploaded.  Details are in the file’s Changelog.

Alexey added his work was done through patching the DLL file that is part of the device’s DirectOuput service.

Also, maximum custom message size is 11 characters in the x64 bit version and 9 characters in the x86 version.  For font names, similar limitations to allow 7 and 5 characters respectively due to the amount of space available in the DLL file.


264: Complete Removal of the FIP Serial Page

On and off I received queries about the possibility of removing the serial page on the Flight Instrument Panel (FIP).  The concern was not just purely an aesthetic preference FIPC01because the LCD of the FIP could easily get burnt if any image is left on for a long period of time (See my Post 144).  This is in particularly true to users who seldom switched off FIPs in their cockpits. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution since the page is hard-wired to the driver of the device by the manufacturer. In response to these concerns, Continue reading