332: A36 Bonanza Gauges Now Ready

The Installer Program for the Carenado A36 Gauge Series is completed.   Those who took the pre-sale offer should have received the download link in their mailboxes already.A36_ASI_ANIMATION

In this official release, an extra standalone gauge plate for the Turn Coordinator is included.   Local and Zulu Time Clocks are added to the AirSpeed Indicator.  The True Airspeed Digital Display shown in the last preview has been moved to a position overlaying A36_HSI_160110E_resizethe TAS button.

Besides the Flight Director features on the Attitude Indicator (see my Post 327), a Wind Direction Indicator on the HSI gauge and Centering Indicators for the Aileron and Pitch Trim Wheels on the ADF gauge are also added for easy adjustments.

All these last minute touches tend to render Continue reading

331: 30,000-Something Invalid Paths

It is commonly known that every piece of software after removed from the computer could have left some invalid registries behind.  But I was shocked to find out that the total number of invalid path registries left by Prepar3D v3.0 could have crazily accumulated to 34,423 entries.

Unbelievable but it is real.  It took me nearly three hours to clean them up from my computer earlier this evening.

If you have updated to P3D v3.1 recently (no matter it was by patches or by re-installation), you’d better run a thorough system check.   Maintaining a clean and error-free system as always is critical to keep the flight simulation, both FSX and P3D, to perform in best condition.