245: My Updated TrackIR 5 Setting

Due to my new multi-monitor setup,  the TrackIR profile I’ve been using since December 2011 has been updated recently as follows:


Basic tuning process is more or less the same as described in Post 82 for an optimized result that could minimize fatigue to the eyes.   Anyone who are interested to give it a try could download Continue reading

217: Align TrackIR Quickly

Have tried a few wireless head tracking software, NaturalPoint’s TrackIR + TrackClip Pro is still my choice so far.  Following is the method I find very effective when aligning the device at startup.  Of course associated software must be activated first.

Place the TrackIR receiver on top of the monitor about 1/8 in length from the left edge.

TrackIRP01 Continue reading

139: Profiling TrackIR Effectively

Updated: 3-Jan-2012
It is for sure that TrackIR enhances flightsim reality.    However,  it also easily causes eye fatigue and dizziness when it is not proper set.

Following is how I configure the TrackIR profile for FSX on my 30-inch monitor:

When in FSX, the focus of my eyes mostly falls within the range roughly spreading across the mid-points between the center and the edges of the monitor on both sides.    It is about 20 degrees (A) on each side from the center or 40 degrees (A+A) in total around the center  (See the image on the right).

Within this 40-degree area, my head moves very little while my eye focus changes.   Beyond that, my head starts to turn more significantly. Continue reading