82: My TrackIR 5 Setting

Updated: 30-Dec-2011
Here is my setting for TrackIR 5 with TrackClipPro.  The emphasis is to get an optimized result causing no fatigue to eyes.

Basic Settings:
•   Speed = 1
•   Smooth = 50

Keep a Good Balance Between Speed and Smoothness

Advanced Settings:
•   Roll Motion = Disabled
•   Precision = OFF (important to get smooth movements)
•   HotKeys
Center = Ctrl-F10
Precision = Ctrl-F11
Pause = Ctrl-F12

Camera Alignment:
Positioning the first two dots on the same vertical line renders the best result.

Camera Alignment for the Best Result

18 thoughts on “82: My TrackIR 5 Setting

  1. Hi Tom – thanks for profile info – I have adjusted settings to yours and find much improved – however, I don’t know how to align the dots on camera control – am I being a bit thick here but where are the settings levers for those please.




  2. Is there anyway you can send me a copy of your profile setting for FSX…having troube replicating what you showed above


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