90: fsx.CFG – BufferPools

Autogen has a default texture buffer of 4 millions.  Properly increasing or decreasing this buffer can effectively reduce stutters, especially while the aircraft is in turning.

This function is not by default present in fsx.CFG.    To alter the value, one can add the following lines in fsx.CFG; and commonly used values range from 1 million to 15 million (or even higher) in 1 million increment.


Besides, an approximate value of 4,000 may bring noticeably improvement to some systems.


In addition, setting the value to “0” means that the system will completely use the video card memory as texture buffer.   This could also bring significant improvements to FSX but may potentially induce artifacts or spikes occasionally.

Also note that this “0” setting is better performed when it is used in combination with:



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