89: My FSX Tuning Part 3 – First Run

My First Run took place in Concrete Mun 3W5 with framerate locks at 39, after the initial tunings from Part 1 and Part 2.

Before the actual flight, a few more adjustments were made directly in the fsx.CFG as follows:

ForceFullScreenVSync=1 <== Added to Force Vertical Sync
ChangeTime=1.0 <== Changed to Speed up Text Display Time;  Default=4.0
Transition Time=1.0 <== Changed to Speed up Text Display Time;  Default=4.0
WideViewAspect=True <== Enable Wide-screen monitor;   Default=False
DisablePreload=1 <== Suppress Scenery Preload as Orbx addons are complicated
LonAccelOnHeadLon=0 <== Speed up Head Movement;  Default=-0.020000
LonAccelOnHeadPitch=0 <== Speed up Head Movement;  Default=-0.010000
RollAccelOnHeadLat=0 <== Speed up Head Movement;  Default=0.010000
YawAccelOnHeadLat=0 <== Speed up Head Movement;  Default=-0.100000
RollAccelOnHeadRoll=0 <== Speed up Head Movement;  Default=0.100000
MaxHeadAngle=0 <== Speed up Head Movement;  Default=5.000000
MaxHeadOffset=0 <== Speed up Head Movement;  Default=0.300000
HeadMoveTimeConstant=0 <== Speed up Head Movement;  Default=1.000000
LOD_RADIUS=5.000000 <== Increase coverage around the aircraft;  Default=4.5

All these days, I’ve flown extensively around the Concrete airport as well as other Orbx NA and FSAddon Fjords regions.    Although the current setting hasn’t been really tweaked and the current complexity of scenery and autogen has not been set to optimum yet, results so far are impressive as:

•   No undesirable artifacts were seen

•   Stutters are minimal – most of the flights are very smooth

•   No significant drop in framerate, except in wide-open dense areas

I’ll probably keep playing FSX under such settings for the moment, while pushing the Image and Autogen Complexity to the max with further tunings and tweaks.   Stay tuned.


By the way, even though I am a fan of Orbx’s scenery, their People Flow, Nature Flow, and the coming Vehicle Flow additions are a damn nuisance to me.

We simmers are trying to fly as smooth as possible in the sky but all these Flows are dragging our feet onto the ground.   Performance is greatly harmed as well.

No doubt these additions are interesting but FSX is not SimCity.    Orbx has all the right to go where they want to go.    And other users might like them flowing before their eyes but these Flows to me are truly nothing but a damn.


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