392: Putting GPS on the iPAD

A few days ago, Kim in Switzerland emailed me that he had built a touch-screen GPS using an iPad (see photo).

Frankly, even though I never thought about the idea of putting the GPS onto an iPad before, I have to admit that my immediate response to Kim’s approach was not excited because there are many apps available to turn the iPad into a second display for Mac or Windows computers.

From the many similar apps I tried before, none of them, in my opinion, was smooth enough to handle the data flow demand to and from FSX or P3D.   Some of them even caused serious dragging to the simulator in return.

But after checking the information Kim provided, I found his iPad was wired to his computer, rather than wirelessly connected over the network.

After further Googling the app he recommended, I decided to give it a try.  The result is surprisingly good.

With three 2560 x 1440 monitors and 10 FIPs activated, the GPS undocked from my main window onto the iPad is still running very smoothly.

Although there are still performance impact back onto my computer I can spot,  I have to say that it is very insignificant.

gps_ipad_01In order to explore the app’s potential further, I replaced the default GPS with the Enhanced Garmin 500W version by Kronzky.   Too bad, stutters becomes serious, especially under the colored terrain mode.   Obviously, the default GPS is the only viable choice.

Anyway, since I replaced my GTX780 graphics card with the Titan X about two years ago, my VRInsight GPS-5 was put back to its packing (See my Post 262).   With this app, I can now add the GPS option back to my simulator platform again.

BTW, even though all the keys on the GPS can be controlled via iPad’s touch monitor feature, there are added benefits when combining them with the mapped keys as described in my Post 233 during operation.

Oh right, I nearly forget it.   The app is called “Duet Display” and it requires two programming parts to work together.

The IOS part, costs about $20, can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.   The Windows client is free and it can be downloaded from the developer’s website.

Thank you Kim.

9 thoughts on “392: Putting GPS on the iPAD

      1. Ooo! I thought you run a secondary function for the touch function… because on my iPad mini the touch don work with the gps😕


  1. Very neat solution indeed. A nice approach to getting that GPS on another display with minimal hit on CPU. Like you I tried different things, but was unsatisfied with results. I eventually bought an MS Windows Tablet and integrated over the network Flight1Techs G750 Simulator for $150 into my system. Works great.


  2. I have use air display in they past worked well. However, one needs to have a compatible video driver that does not conflict.You can do this with android devices as well.

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


    1. Hi David,
      I tried Air Display before and the result wasn’t bad. Besides the video driver you mentioned, wifi quality of the network and device are also critical to a smooth result.


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