391: Installing Alabeo Aircraft to P3Dv3

Just purchased Alabeo’s R66 and C172RG Cutlass while they are on sale this week.   I had no problem with the R66 but had my head scratched for a while regarding C172RG’s installation.

The major difference between the two installers is the C172RG one requires users to specify the version of P3D being used and the R66 doesn’t.
alabeo02s alabeo01s
Under such circumstances, even though I am not using P3D version 2, I gave it a try on selecting the P3Dv2 option on the menu and browsed to direct the path to my current P3Dv3 folder on P:\ Drive.   No surprise.   I got errors of not finding files from the package and installation was aborted.

Then I tried putting the path of my P3Dv3 folder without checking the P3Dv2 option.   The installation proceeded and reported a success.

However, I still couldn’t find any C172RG on my aircraft list.   Tried reinstalling a few times and the results were the same — the aircraft simply didn’t install into the P3Dv3 folder at all.

I searched on the Alabeo and Carenado websites and found no answer.

On the Internet, someone suggested a fix by installing the P3D version 2 as well, and then renamed the P3D program folder from Prepar3D v3 folder to Prepar3D v2.   Under such tweaking, the Alabeo/Carenado aircraft would be able to install into P3Dv3.

He also mentioned that the “dll.xml” in the “C:\Users\tomts\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2” folder created by version 2 was the key to his success.

Despite the fact that whether his suggestion is a viable solution, I must say that his intention is appreciated.   But what if I don’t have the P3D version 2?   Even if I have a copy of it, isn’t the re-installation method a bit clumsy?

Since he mentioned the “dll.xml” is the key to his success, so I created a dummy “C:\Users\tomts\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2” folder with the aforementioned  “dll.xml” in it, and then renamed my P3D program folder accordingly for version 2.

Unfortunately, the “key” didn’t work.

Obviously, the C172RG installer has to look for the P3D program folder based on version 2’s installation.

Therefore, instead of reinstalling version 2, I created a dummy key of “Prepar3D v2” under “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin” via regedit.exe.   And set the “AppPath” to my current version 3 folder “P:\Prepar3Dv3\
Now, I have no more problem installing the C172RG into P3D version 3.

Isn’t this tweak a bit complicated for general users?

Basically, the whole tweaking requires a few text lines editing only.   But I have to admit that when registry is involved, many things will become complicated or even scary.

So, yes, I’m afraid so.

Nevertheless, with this tweak, I will no more have to face again the same issue when installing other Alabeo (and probably Carenado) aircraft or addons that look for the “AppPath” of P3D version 2 in the registry.

Actually, I still have another option to deal with the installation.

Since I also have the FSX system on my computer, I can create a dummy FSX program folder and then install the C172RG onto it first.   Then copy the files to the P3D folders.   See my Post 57: Safest Approach to Install Addons.

Do note that this approach may exhibit the danger of file format inconsistency while crossing platforms, no matter how small the chance is to most third-party aircraft.

Lastly, after the installation, I was still wondering what had happened to the “Successful Installation” by entering the Path only.   So I did a complete file search on my computer.

You know what?

The aircraft was actually copied to a folder called “Carenado Installer” (NOT Alabeo Installer) under “Program Files (x86)” on my C Drive, even though I had specified that the path of my P3D program is on P.
Anyway, as expected, the C172RG files were identical to those created by the other two options.


















4 thoughts on “391: Installing Alabeo Aircraft to P3Dv3

  1. Just get the Estonian Migration Tool that works like a charm and you won’t have to worry about doing that. 99% of all add’ons work flawlessly with this tool.



  2. Hi Tom,

    LLH SImulations


    has a little “Wizard” which creates a Prepar3d2 registry entry diverting to Prepar3d3, which might come handy in several cases. I had installed the 172RG before, though, but don’t recall exactly how, I think using the EMT (which I now got rid of).

    I am still having a few issues with the 172 RG in Prepar3d3, though, The turn indicator (your Saitek gauge) as well as the flaps (Saitek Multi Panel) tend to fail after longer flights (at the same point in time). Might be my installation, but I don’t see this with other planes.

    Actually, it’s a shame Alabeo not being able to provide a proper Prepar3d3 installer.

    Kind regards, Michael


    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for the tool. It should be good for many other friends. I’ll check it out later.
      The Migration Tool is good as Gary mentioned on another comment to this post. I tried it and it was not bad. I just don’t feel comfortable since the product description sounds complicated and in practice it shouldn’t be.
      The 172RG is new to me. I played it for only a few minutes. I’ll try to fly a longer flight to see if the TCR and flaps fail.
      Yeah, writing a p3dv3 installer shouldn’t be a big issue.


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