172: Centurion T210 Altimeter Gauge

Here’s the Altimeter for the Centurion T210 I’ve been longing for.    I saw a similar one at a gauge discussion forum many years ago.   I desperately requested a copy of it but got no reply from the developer at all.

Now, here’s the one I created.

Anyone who is interested could send me a request via the COMMENTS section below.   I will definitely reply and share it with a download link.   Edit: This instrument is no more available.

But note, you have to become a Subscriber of this blog first.

You could enter their emails and press the [Click Me to Subscribe] button on the right hand column to become a subscriber.   Otherwise, requests will be ignored.

37 thoughts on “172: Centurion T210 Altimeter Gauge

  1. Really excellent gauges Tom, I subscribed several weeks ago, can you send my the files for the Altimeter and the Attitude please?


    1. No, because autogens are scenery specfic mostly. Merging them doesn’t have much benefit and they are quite complicated.
      Instead, I am thinking of a scenery merging tool. Hope to have it implemented sometime next year.


    1. Hi Alain,
      I haven’t done anything for the Baron 58 yet although I’ve put them on my plan. Anyway, I have just sent you the download links for T210 by email. Hope you find them good to you.


      1. Hi Tom!
        I forgot to introduce myself: Alain, I’m 58, I live near Paris and I play FSX for about 1 year.
        Thank you for the links gauges of T210.
        It’s great to help simmers.
        See you soon


      2. Hi Alain,
        Nice to meet you and glad you find my blog useful. That’s the purpose of my blog which is to give some helps and advices to FSX simmers.
        Lately, I’ve been busy on something else. That’s why I haven’t update my blog my for sometime. Hope to get back to regular update in a couple of months.


  2. Bonjour Tom,
    Vous faites du très bon travail. Je voudrais obtenir s’il vous plaît les fichiers pour installer vos gauges pour mon Baron 58 (carenado).
    Merci beaucoup.


      1. Hello Tom,
        I’ll write in English (translation with Google)
        You are doing good and beautiful work.
        I’m flying on small aircraft and especially Baron 58.
        What are gauges available? Want to send me a download link?
        Sorry if the translation is not correct.
        Thank you very much


  3. Hello, Is this posssible to have the link for the attitude and the altimeter.They seem very nice and i want to try them.
    Thank you


      1. I have tested the two gauges, and they are awesome. I like particularly the Altimeter, and the attitude seems as like is in the Beech Baron.
        Good job!


      1. I have to say that these new gauges make the default ones look like child’s play. They are so clear and sharp with the multiple features to boot. My cockpit is looking better and better thanks to your hard work.

        I am patient Tom, whenever you get to them.

        Rick S.


  4. Thank you Tom, for sending all the gauges, you’re doing a wonderful job. Initially I thought Saitek would, perhaps, provide collections of alternative gauges, but this is obviously wishful thinking. On the other hand, comparing my former CH yoke/rudder to the Saitek palette of add-ons I’d agree to your observation Saitek’s hardware being far superior.

    Kind Regards, Michael


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