692: USB 2.0 is no longer preferred

In the old days with FSX/P3D, USB 2.0 was my preferred choice (see Post 582) when connecting Saitek/Logitech Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) to the simulators.

Since I replaced my older computer for MSFS in last November, I’ve been deliberately avoiding to use any more USB 2.0 ports and hubs.  Now all my 12 FIPs are connected to the system via a powered USB 3.0 hub.USB3_FIP_resize
In the past 6 months, Continue reading

647: Logitech MSFS Plugin Won’t Work Alone

When I installed the Logitech’s MSFS Plugin onto my two computers (one new, one rebuilt) a couple of weeks ago, I got puzzled because all my Logitech’s Pro Flight Panels worked nicely with MSFS, except the Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs).

There were nothing on the displays — no serial numbers, no product images.  All screens were blank.  And the most frustrated was Windows recognized them all and said they worked normally.

On my last computer I just replaced, the MSFS Plugin works seamless without any issue.  I just have the Plugin installed and off it goes.

It took me nearly a day to figure out that Continue reading

617: My FIP Gauges and MSFS

The update patch for MSFS is out, which claims to solve many issues in the first release.   I still haven’t tried re-installing MSFS yet due to various personal matters.   But surely will do it again very soon.

During these days, have received many emails questioning about the compatibility of my FIP gauges with MSFS.

Frankly, due to my current situation of not an MSFS user, I am really not a good person to give a proper answer.

However, some users of my gauges have reported successfully running FIP gauges in MSFS Continue reading

609: My Cockpit Rev #22 – Flaps Lever

I’ve been playing a lot with the newly bought 3D printer lately.   After many failures, I finally made a satisfied Flaps Lever to replace the little black round button coming with the Flaps Indicator by Desktop Aviator.

The 3D model of the Cessna flap lever I earlier sourced from the Internet wasn’t bad.  However, it is a bit small and the shaft hole doesn’t fit the metal shaft, which is flat, on the indicator.

Therefore, instead of modifying the file, Continue reading

603: My Cockpit Rev #21 – Covering up FIP Up-Dn Buttons

From time to time, I receive emails from non-SpadneXt users asking if it is possible to turn off the up/down LEDs on the FIPs.  Frankly speaking, I didn’t care much whether they were lit or not in the past.  So typically I would give them an answer NO.

Until recently I have my cockpit layout properly,  I then understand why they have the needs.  Even so, my answer was still a NO unfortunately.

But there was one time I was joking to a friend saying that “You could Continue reading

582: USB 2.0 for FIP is still preferred

While the world is moving toward USB-C, many flightsim hardwares still only work properly with USB 2.0 standard.  Logitech’s Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) is one of them.  Steve Crouch sent me a comment for My Cockpit Rebuilding #14, saying that he wasn’t aware of that and so he had trouble with them before.

Yes, when choosing USB hubs or ports for FIP connections, the older 2.0 standard is still the preferred choice, disregarding the claim of downward compatibility in 3.0 standard. Continue reading

581: My Cockpit Rev #15 – FIP Cable Management

There are 12 FIPs in my system, and the two USB hubs they plugged in are placed closely.  As the cables coming with the FIPs are quite long, heavy and hard to bend, they are troubles everytime I want to tidy them up properly.

They have been headaches to me for a long time until I finally figured out how to deal with these cables recently. Continue reading