465: CFG Spacer Utility

I always add an empty line between each section in the fsx.CFG and Prepar3D.cfg so that their contents can be easily read.  It is in particular helpful when doing a search.   Here’s the CFG_Spacer utility that I recently wrote to speed up the task.

The utility is good for FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D, and can be downloaded from the Freeware section in my FIP Gauge Store here.

No installation is required.  Just unzip and put a copy of the utility in the fsx.CFG or Prepar3D.cfg folder and run it when needed.   Up to 5 backups of the original (last used) cfg file will be created under the same folder for safety sake.


6 thoughts on “465: CFG Spacer Utility

  1. Hi Tom

    Thanks for this, just tried it just now and Windows Defender thinks its a trojan and zapped it, not before I used it to change my FDX.cfg successfully though, clicked allow to try use it in my P3D.cfg, but it still zaps it … any idea’s?

    I’ve managed to disable Windows Defender before and use other AV programs but found despite Windows Defender over eagerness to call foul over legitimate files on occasion, it does quite a good job, what AV program do you use, Tom?



    1. Hi colin,
      Probably it’s caused by the setting of Windows Defender, which has options for you to block unrecognized apps and files from the web, or even only allows apps from Windows Store only.
      I am using ESET NOD32. It’s pretty good.


      1. Thanks Tom

        Parts for my I7 8700K @ 5 GHz build (binned and de-lidded) arrive on Monday, will look into ESET NOD32 for this build.

        Thanks again.



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