464: B737 MFD & EICAS Released

The B737 MFD (Multi-Function Display) and EICAS (Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System) are now ready.   Probably don’t need explanations from me about what they are.
Just one thing to note about the MFD: NO waypoints and airports will be shown on the display due to limitations of the Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) itself.  However, all other features found on the expanded and circular models are virtually implemented.

Current users of the B737 PFD could contact me for a 20% off discount if interested in these two gauges.  Others please visit my store.

My next project is very likely the B737 autopilot panels that work closely with these instrument.   But it will take some time since I’ll need a break after working intensely on these instrument in the last two months.

The autopilot panels shown in the video below are only draft for demonstration.


11 thoughts on “464: B737 MFD & EICAS Released

      1. Thanks tom, but i don’t have the sdk package for fsx, my fsx isnt the deluxe or golden edition but i do have the fsuipc and widefs wideclient, can i do run the saitek fip gauge in another pc with those programs?


      2. I don’t have an answer since I never tried the setup similarly as you described. Anyway you could follow the procedures to test if the connection work. I think it is the best way to find out the result.


  1. Tom,

    As you know I’ve got all three (PFD, MFD and EICAS) plus the flaps gauge now. I would just like to say I am really pleased with all of them. The gauges are very smooth and all work perfectly.

    This has greatly improved my B737. Thanks again.




  2. You out did your self on that one they are spot on. If you can see your self to do the upper electrical panel I can get alot of interest in cockpit builders whom are building a over head panel


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