131: My Best FSX Setup (2011-1124)

Since my last update in August regarding my FSX setup, there were quite some changes to my system,

where I:

  • added two more FIPs

Also, AMD Radeon driver has been updated to 11.11 (on Nov-28) from 11.6.    SHADE for FSX and Gamebooster are added as standard enhancements.

A summary of my hardware, accessories and software is as follows:

ASUS P6X58D-E  |  i7 930 @ 4.0G  |  12GB DDR3 1600
ASUS Matrix HD6970 Direct CU II @ 940MHz / 5600MHz  |  Dell 3007 @ 2560 x 1600
2 x Corsair Nova 128 GB SSD
–  One for Windows & One for FSX
1TB WD SATA3 HDD for Add-on Sceneries

Saitek MultiPanel, Radio Panel, Switch Panel, TPM Panel, Rudder Pedals, FIP x 5
CH Eclipse Yoke Saitek Pro Flight Yoke |  iPad with iGMapHD  | TrackIR

Software  (Excluding Sceneries):
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit  |  FSX Acceleration  |  Gamebooster 3.0
Active Sky Evolution  |  Real Environment X Overdrive  |  SHADE for FSX
Flight 1 GEX Europe, North America, Africa-Middle East, Atlantic-Pacific
Flight 1 Ultimate Terrain X – Alaska, Canada, Europe, USA  |  FS Discover
Scenery Tech Asia, Africa, Europe, Indo Pacific, North America, South America Landclass

Due to hardware changes, Tweaks in fsx.CFG are modified accordingly as follows:
(Note: also see my latest update in Post 135)

Some major changes include:

  • AffinityMask Disabled
  • RejectThreshold Disabled
  • Stale_Buffer_Threshold Disabled
  • PoolSize fixed to 4000
  • Framerate_Limit Lowered
  • TextureMaxLoad Disabled

With above configurations and settings, enhancement is seen with shorter loading time, sharper images and an improved performance, even though finetuning to each region is still needed in order to further minimize occasional stutters.

11 thoughts on “131: My Best FSX Setup (2011-1124)

  1. Hi Mr. Tom.
    I have 2 little question about your Windows 7 SSD configuration experience.
    How do you set your Windows page file (swap file) ?
    Your page file is on the SSD or you set your page file in your mechanical drive ?
    Thanks in advance to share your experience.
    Thanks a lot for your excellent blog.
    Have a good day.


    1. Hi Vittorio, I set my page file on a mechanical HDD drive, using Custom size of 18418 MB for both Initial and Maximum settings. It is the size recommended by Windows system.


  2. Hi Tom,
    While browsing your nice blog found the above post and picture.
    Was just wondering if iPad has app running. Which interacts with FSX?


  3. Dear Tom,
    The blog You are doing is so great !!! You are the master !!! I am Your new fan from Poland and in spite I have also a lot of experience with FSX, but still learning a lot from You !
    Please advice how could I contact You by regular mail – where should I register to be able to see You mail ?
    Thanks & regards,


    1. Hi Kaigun,
      Thanks for the good words but I dare not say I am a master. I just wish to share my FSX experience with other fans in the circle.
      I have sent you an email separately. You can contact me via the address.
      Also, you can subscribe my blog so that you are alert when new posts are available.


  4. Hey Tom, I am operating a similar system to yours (i7 2600K @ 4.4 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, AMD 6970). Jagged lines (runway/taxiway-markings) esp. around all standard airports + many addon-airports (runways, taxiways) + the “comic-like” white-thickish runway lines in std airports drive me nuts. Any suggestions?




      1. Hey Tom,

        all of my Radeon Settings were identical to yours; tried both Aniso and Trilinear in fsx.cfg to no avail. Also “better” AA-Settings (Like 8x/8xEQ Edge-Detect) did not yield better performance. For example, the LPMA Aerosoft Scenery displays jagged lines along the taxiways. Shall I send a screenshot so that you can compare? :)



  5. Tom, Hi.
    I have the same config No Affinity No Reject (same like you) but I have better performance with PoolSize fixed to 15000000 I have a litlle less performance with PoolSize fixed to 4000.
    I have Intel i7 920 (no overclok, Hypertrading ON). My Graphic card is HD5850 2GB (Spahire Toxic Edition) (no overclock). All my FSX setting to maximum. Please let me said THANKS A LOT, Very A LOT.
    Hope you continue to share your FSX experience with us. Thanks a lot.
    If you want I can post my fsx.cfg file.
    Best regards.


    1. Hi Bigbrother1958,
      Thanks for the good words in your other post and I am glad to have you be my friend.
      You can see from my post’s fsx.CFG table that I was using a PoolSize of 0 or 150000000 on my ex-5870 card. But my new 6970 card prefers 4000, which also causes differences in other associated settings. Graphic card hardware is still a crucial factor and needs attention even though FSX is a CPU intensive game.
      I’ll keep testing and finetuning the tweaks based on current settings. We all want improvements in FSX even a little bit at a time, don’t we?
      Pardon me that I took out your webpage link of AI Traffic from your other post for the moment. It seems to be nice one and I’ll definitely try it out myself and get back to it in my blog.
      BTW, if the year 1958 makes you a bigbrother, I am bigger than you are. Haha, just kidding. I am the youngest in my family.


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