115: Less is Still More – the Game Booster

Game Booster from IObit definitely isn’t something new.   It is a small application that can temporarily stop unnecessary computer background processes and services, in order to give more computer resources and power to “boost” the performance of a game.

Before the current version, I never liked the program because I encountered tiny bits of problems many times during the restore process.

The new version 3 is a great improvement in terms of stability and user-friendliness.   Also, it is now completely free — in version 2, I had to purchase a license for its premium features.

I don’t know how much improvements Game Booster brings to other games.   To me for FSX, the Performance After Boost percentage is merely just a figure.   However, I do feel FSX runs more stable and a little bit smoother.

Obviously, the Less (unnecessary processes) is More (performance) principle still applies.   At least, no harm seen so far.

My FSX sessions are now started in the following order:

  • pmsounds
  • Game Booster
  • SHADE for FSX
  • FSX


Since all above four programs won’t interfere to each other basically, it is safe to put them in a batch file so that they could be run automatically.

Here is the script of my FSX Batch.bat file.


  • My Desktop is on L:\   —   changing drive location accordingly
  • Batch file recognizes simple filenames (or link of icons) without spaces;  therefore,
  • “Switching to Game Mode” icon of Game Booster on desktop was renamed to GameMode
  • “Shade.exe” was renamed to SHADE due to the same reason

FSX is automatically run by SHADE after it is loaded.  So, no need to include FSX to the batch file.

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