108: My CH Eclipse Yoke Setting

Updated: Nov-26, 2011
As mentioned earlier, I have replaced my long-used Saitek Yoke with CH Eclipse Yoke in my system. 

Actually I got the Eclipse just a month or two after its release.   I was attracted by its rudders, vertical and horizontal trim wheels, and throttle quadrant all integrated into one single casing.   In terms of features, Saitek Yoke really can’t compare.

However, the housing design of the Eclipse yoke (due to its oval shape) is very difficult to fit into my equipment chamber.   So it’s been put aside for a long time until recently I figured out how to do with it.

In order to make it fit to my existing equipment chamber, I disassembled it and had its throttle quadrant module completely removed.   Since I am using Saitek’s TPM as my standard gear and I also have two more standalone Saitek Quadrants if needed, removing Eclipse’s integrated one is problem-free in my setup.   After the modification, it becomes a lot easier to fit into the chamber beneath my desk.

No doubt, Saitek and CH Eclipse yokes both have their pros and cons.   Although I prefer Eclipse because it comes with more features right next to my hands, Saitek Yoke does look more realistic and its built-quality and materials used are better.

Anyway, the CH Eclipse is my current choice since I want to be a bit lazy and fly without a separate pair of rudders.

Followings are the button assignments for the Eclipse yoke.

Click Image to Enlarge

Will update photos of my setup in a couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “108: My CH Eclipse Yoke Setting

  1. I very much like this set up. Have been using the CH for several years and I think it’s probably the best and I’ve tried many. How did you remove the throttle quad?


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