66: Give the Aircraft a Little Push

Purchased a few third-party aircrafts but the default C172 is still my favorite.  It will be perfect if the plane can be more powerful and fly a little bit faster like the Skylane 182.

Here’s how I “installed” the 182’s six-cylinder, 235hp engine to my C172:

1) Open the plane’s aircraft.cfg from X:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\C172

2) Look for [piston_engine] and change the settings as the image shown below:

3) Look for [Reference Speeds] and change as shown below:

That’s it.

Now my Cessna 170 is revamped with the power and performance of a Skylane 182.  The vertical speed under [autopilot] can also be changed to 800 from 700, if desired.

6 thoughts on “66: Give the Aircraft a Little Push

  1. Something I would like to see address in you post is how to add a constant speed prop to a fixed prop aircraft (example: C172). This would need to include how to add the prop controls to the instrument panel as well as making the necessary changes to the .cfg file. I did it with my C172-235 but didn’t like the way it turned out on the prop controls images.


  2. Good tip BUT you failed me mention the effect of the increased power on the RPM’s! As with any real aircraft if you are going to push more power you must add more prop also. On mine I increased the prop from 2 to 3 blade and from 20 pitch to 24.5. This compensates for the increased (destructive way above red line) RPM and also increased the performance of my 172. I now get 800-1000 fpm climb at 95-105 knots. A side note to this is my grandfathers (real) 172 N4895R was a conversion, it had the 235hp engine with a constant speed prop and it was a hot rod (as far as a 172 could be). Also I would suggest increasing the wing tank capacity to compensate for the increased fuel draw. Then you need to adjust the W&B as well as empty and gross weight, ect,ect,ect. The benifit is a sim aircraft is one that performs like the real one, and not just a game.


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