253: My Cockpit View Switcher

During the testing for my Cockpit View display, I needed to switch back and forth numerous times between the Normal View and the Wide View.   And the files involved with the necessary changes are:

  1. fsx.CFG
  2. Cameras.CFG
  3. aircraft.CFG

To avoid confusion while making changes to these files directly,  I instead created two additional copies from each of them and named these new files the “-Normal” version and the “-Wide” version accordingly:

  1. fsx.CFGfsx-Normal.CFGfsx-Wide.CFG
    (Prepar3D.CFG,  Prepar3D-Normal.CFG,  Prepar3D-Wide.CFG)
  2. Cameras.CFGCameras-Normal.CFGCameras-Wide.CFG
  3. aircraft.CFG aricraft-Normal.CFGaircraft-Wide.CFG

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252: My Cockpit View 2014 Update Part 2

Although my cockpit display has already reached the widest possible angle from the aircraft.CFG settings (InitialZoom=0.3 and WideViewAspect=False) stated in last post, I still couldn’t help asking myself in the last two months if it is possible to further widen it.  The longer I flightsim with the setting, the stronger desire I want to expand the cockpit-span angle.

No doubt,  the cockpit view (aka Normal View) from above configurations is giving quite a prominent result than the one from my previous single 30-inch monitor set up.   However, it is still comparatively narrow because the horizontal field of human eyes could reach up to 180 degrees or beyond even though the effective range is about 70 to 120 degrees.

Solution, obviously, could only be sought from changing the WideViewAspect from False to True.   And surely the prerequsite of keeping the glare-shield true to scale remains unchanged.

The overall range of display (bottom image) has roughly improved by about 10 percent with no significant distortion towards the edges on both ends

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251: My Cockpit View 2014 Update Part 1

With the three 27-inch monitors in place, I’ve been able to bring up a glare-shield of the Cessna 172 panel that matches the size of 41 inches (105 cm) as if in the real cockpit. To achieve the result, I set InitialZoom=0.3 in the Virtual Cockpit of the aircraft.CFG, and WideViewAspect=False in either fsx.CFG or Prepar3D.CFG.

This creates the widest scenery display in front of the wind-shield from my 8040 x 1440 monitor-combo, without the appearance of distorted scenery objects towards the edges on both ends (see image below).

Click to see full image in 1/3 of the original size
Click to see full image in 50% of the original size

Followings are the Camera Definitions for my C172:   Continue reading

55: Redefine Virtual Cockpit Zoom Level

I mostly fly with Cessna and I want the virtual cockpit to initiate with a zoom level of 0.6 when a session starts.  There are two options to achieve that:

OPTION 1:  Save a New Default Flight

1) Start a flight with Cessna

2) Adjust the zoom level to 0.6 inside the virtual cockpit with “=” or “-” keys

3)  Save the flight as the new default flight

OPTION 2:  Modify the Default Startup Flight

1) Open the default flight “FLTSIM.FLT” (or the earlier saved default flight) with Notepad

2) Look for Cameras with Guid = {C95EAB58-9E4A-4E2A-A34C-D8D9D948F078}

Note: This Guid number is assigned to Virtual Cockpit in FSX

3) Change the Zoom value to 0.6

Both Option 1 and Option 2 can easily set the zoom level of virtual cockpit to one needs.  However, the zoom level is likely to be changed when the aircraft (Cessna in this case) is swapped. Continue reading

38: My Ultimate Cockpit Views

Aircrafts in FSX comes with many views (or cameras) and they are set with different zoom levels.  They are quite troublesome since I only want three of them to view from cockpit:

  1. View from the pilot seat on the left
  2. View from the passenger seat on the right
  3. View from the cockipt without panels

Moreover, I need these views to start with the same zoom level and/or eye position, so that the scenery in front stays unchanged when views are cycled through.

Always start with the same zoom level and keep scenery background remain in position

Above is the cockpit view effect I achieved on the Cessna 172 through the tweaks of Continue reading

36: Add New Views

The earlier post Remove Unwanted Views talks about getting rid of some views (cameras) that one doesn’t need.  This one talks about adding new views (cameras).

My system has a few Pro Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs); therefore, I want a full scenery monitor display without showing the 2D or 3D cockpit.

Although this can simply be achieved by pressing W to turn off associated panels in 2D cockpit view, the cockpit will appear again when eyepoints are panning to the right or to the left.

To address the issue, a number of options can be considered.

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34: Smoke Gets in Your Plane

In FSX, only the Extra300, FA-18 and P51 aircrafts are pre-installed with an exhaust smoke system which can be activated by pressing the “I” key on the keyboard.

Customized Red and White Smoke System

To add the smoke effect to other aircrafts, insert the following lines at the end of the aircraft.cfg of your choice under SimObjects folder:

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