65: Maps – Netherlands Airports

Netherlands Airport - Schiphol EHAM, Amsterdam

The whole of Netherlands scenery and airports enhanced by NL2000’s version 4.x, plus Amsterdam, Lelystad and Rotterdam from Aerosoft, and Venlo from Martin Schrijver.

  • Click here or image above for a full-size photo map; or
  • Right Click to copy the following URL and add it to Google Earth Network Link, and to get realtime changes when available:


Lists of Netherlands airports are shown below:

EHAM – Schiphol   (Aerosoft)
EHAL- Ameland
EHBD – Budel
EHBK – Maastricht-Aachen
EHDL – Deelen AB   (default)
EHDP – De Peel Air Base
EHDR – Drachten
EHEH – Eindhoven AB
EHGG – Eelde
EHGR – Gilze-Rijen AB
EHHO – Hoogeveen
EHHV – Hilversum
EHKD – De Kooy Navy
EHLE – Lelystad   (Aerosoft)

EHLW – Leeuwarden AB
EHMZ – Midden-Zeeland
EHNP – Noordoostpolder
EHOW – Oostwold Airport
EHRD – Rotterdam   (Aerosoft)
EHSB – Soesterberg AB
EHSE – Seppe
EHST – Stadskanaal Airport
EHTE – Teuge
EHTW – Twenthe AB
EHTX – Texel
EHVB – Valkenburg Navy
EHVl – Venlo   (Schrijver)
EHVK – Volkel AB
EHWO – Woensdrecht AB

urls of Caribbean Airports and Switzerland Airports have been updated due to system maintenance.  Re-link is required.


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