51: Maps – Switzerland Airports

Switzerland Airport - Sion LSGS

Enhanced Airports and Small Airfields from FlyLogic Software.

  • Click here or the image above for a full-size photo map; or
  • Right Click to copy the following URL and add it to Google Earth Network Link, and to get realtime changes when available:


Links below also lead to individual airport locations in detail:

Amlikon – LSPA (Part 3)
Bad Ragaz – LSZE (Part 3)
Bern-Belp – LSZB

Biel-Kappelen – LSZP (Part 6)

Birrfeld – LSZF
Buttwil – LSZU (Part 5)
Courtelary – LSZJ(Part 6)
Locarno – LSZL (Part 3)
Lommis – LSZT (Part 5)
Mollis – LSMF (Part 3)
Reichenbach – LSGR (Part 6)
Saanen – LSGK (Part 6)
Samedan – LSZS (Part 3)
Sion – LSGS
Sitterdorf – LSZV (Part 5)
Thun – LSZW (Part 5)
Winterthur – LSPH (Part 5)
Zweisimmen – LSTZ (Part 6)

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