9 thoughts on “14: Nvidia Settings

  1. I will follow your set up then.. hopefully i get it right.. man i want it to run flawless…
    that is my set up.. i have a tonne of instruments too.. but i now want to upgrade even more… thanks for this site.. it’s nice to see other die hards for simming


  2. Tom,
    i just looked at the settings.. it’s for the asus card.. any tips or knowledge on setting the card for nvidia…



    1. Thanks for signing up, Dwayne.
      You can use it as a starting point and then further tweaking it. I used the card for a short period of time and which was what I based.
      Moreover, you could backup your settings, and then start over again tuning your system according to my Post 87 to 89. It takes a bit more time but the result is fruitful.


      1. I will give it a look…
        I’ll give you a little about my system… I 990x extreme, 580GTX, 1250 watt ps.. 12 gig ram, 2x SSD, TH2G with 3 x 24 inch LED’s, i want to run my beast at the utmost for performance.. i think that you and this site will help me…


  3. These adjustments are different in most cases from the Nvidia Inspector settings. But the current driver is 280. something which may account for differences.


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