15: Scenery Library Priority Guidelines

Scenery Library Priority Guidelines

1) Sceneries Grouped by Regions

NL=New Zealand
NA=North America
CA=Central & South America

2) Arranged as follows (could be in alphabetical order)

Single scenery (mission/airport)
Area-related scenery
Country-related scenery
Region-related scenery (landclass/mesh)
World-wide (landclass/mesh)

3) If a scenery has several components, follow developer’s instruction

If not, follow below:

Cities, roads, trees and other autogen objects
Photorealistic images
Common objects
Landclass and meshes

Current Addons Arrangements

Flight Tales I

NA – Dutch Harbor AFD
NA – BeaverX-Mission
NA – BeaverX-Pier39
NA – Canada Victorial Intl Airport
NA – Dutch Harbor X
NA – Grand Canyon
NA – Plum Island
NA – Tongass_Fjords_Higher_Priority
NA – Tongass_Fjords_Lower_Priority

EU – Approaching Innsbruck X
EU – FlyLogic Swiss Small Airfields 3
EU – FlyLogic Swiss Small Airfields 5
EU – FlyLogic Swiss Sion
EU – FlyLogic KFP_Common

AS – FlyTampa_HongKong
AS – FlyTampa_HongKong_LC
AS – VHHH Hong Kong International

Ants Aussie Airfields (must be placed above OZx AUS)

FTX AU  (as developer’s put)
FTX NA  (as developer’s put)

UT Alaska  (as developer’s put)
UT Europe  (as developer’s put)
UT Canada  (as developer’s put)
UT Usa  (as developer’s put)

== below UT Landclass – Urban  ==
SceneryTech Landclass–Asia
SceneryTech Landclass–Africa
SceneryTech Landclass–Europe
SceneryTech Landclass–Indo Pacific
SceneryTech Landclass–North America
SceneryTech Landclass–South America
== above UT Landclass – Vegetation  ==


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