227: FSX is still my Preferred Simulator

After switching back and forth between Windows 7 and Windows 8, and FSX and Prepar3D, for over a dozen of times within the past seven days, I have to say that FSX is still my preferred simulator.

Over the week’s testing under Windows 7 and Windows 8, the new P3D performed satisfactorily, especially it off-loaded quite a bit of CPU processing work to the graphics card. However, FSX is still functioning better than the P3D in general.  Moreover, P3D, as I mentioned in earlier posts, has some issues with the Saitek hardware — in particular the FIPs, which also stops me from choosing it as my new platform.

My 7 FIPs have no problem connecting to P3D but in general they react slowly than when they are working with FSX.   And the most frustrating thing is the FIPs now frequently stutter and even pause a second or so intermittently, making reading on the gauges unreliable.  The symptom is getting worse as a session goes by.

Since all my FIPs function normally under FSX, P3D logically is the blame.   These errors are not OS-related.   Actually, I found both FSX and P3D (even the errors) run more smoothly under Windows 8.1.   So I am now having Windows 8.1 as the OS of my new computer.

Frankly, I am not saying P3D is bad and I really hope that it will replace the “long-lived” FSX.  But I have to move on to further set up my new computer.  And before I find a solution to the FIP issue, I have no choice but to keep FSX my simulator.   Anyway, I’ll keep tuning the P3D and hope that a solution can be seen either from the company or buddy users very soon.

18 thoughts on “227: FSX is still my Preferred Simulator

  1. One great thing we have in P3D that we do not have with FSX is a development team that cares about customers and understands FSX anatomy very well. FSX has to die just like its predecessors have. Sticking with FSX is like going back to FS9 FS2002 FS2000 FS98 etc., where do you draw the line? May as well move forward because flight simulation always moves forward….though its seems to have slowed down after 9/11.

    Let’s not allow what Microsoft decides to keep flight simulation in the dark ages, we should be at a 128bit platform by now!! This 32 bit stuff is ancient and totally unnecessary.
    Lets help the Lockheed Martin P3D team carry the torch into a wonderful experience that we all know is very possible with cooperation…..that’s the key: cooperation.


    1. Well, new doesn’t necessarily mean good. P3D indeed is not a bad product but it is not yet perfect and especially it doesn’t fit my needs and it conflicts with the flightsim gear I am using.

      Also, it should be LM’s responsibility to have a good product to attract users; rather than having users to cooperate to make it successful.

      Anyway, I’ll keep a copy of it on my computer and hope to see improvement from patches it releases. But for now, MS FSX is still my choice.

      Merry Christmas


      1. You must admit that FSX plain vanilla version 1 was forced into SP1 then SP2 and those service packs would not have been released if nobody continued to support FSX. If most simmers got a refund and stuck with FS9 I wonder where we would be. So responsibility has fallen to the simmers to help and trust Microsoft and developers to make FSX what it is today. Without our cooperation FSX and Aces would have died quickly (just like MS Flight did). As a community we persisted and FSX has become a pretty good thing, but that first release of FSX was a disaster. I know because I was on the beta test team with so many CTD’s and problems that I posted that did not get fixed, but I persisted because I could see progress toward realism….I was right to persevere because FSX is doing very nicely with all my add-on’s. I really do get nervous flying a VOR-A circling approach at night down to minimums, and the cold n dark startups of the NGX are a thrill. I have had people tell me they are scared to even try out FSX on my system because they feel like they will get hurt if they do something wrong – It really does a very good job of immersion here lately. 2 of my cousins have vomited just from flying around in my FSX setup. So I have nothing against FSX at all.

        But, the same kind of thing is happening here with P3D V2 and it’s always the same thing; resistance to progress when there are “bumps” is as predictable as gravity. No problem progress will never have patients in this world.

        May The Sovereign Lord Bless you.


      2. Hi Paul,
        You’ve got your points and truly I don’t have objection to what you said about FSX and P3D. And P3D does need supporters to get it better.
        You should see from my post that I was thrilled by P3D’s excellent graphic rendering. I really like to drop FSX and turn to P3D immediately.
        Unfortunately, time doesn’t allow me to put more energy on exploring and finetuning the new simulator; especially on the Saitek hardware conflict side. That’s why I keep FSX as my preferred choice since I need to move on with somethings I can use immediately. Not only the simulator, there are many things in life we have no choice but to compromise.
        I didn’t returned P3D for a refund because I am still hoping that with efforts from you guys, P3D will get solve many of the problems I am facing one day. So pardon me if I am taking advantages from you guys’ success in this respect in the future.
        No doubt, once I have my new system set up properly, I should revisit the P3D’s feasibility again.
        Happy New Year


    2. I also purchase P 3-D and I must say I keep FSX also like Tom I also got a new PC and find it harder to put add-ons in P3D and also hard to get the hardware setup but i must say some of the scenery effect have improved from FSX.
      Still hope some changes in hardware compatibility with P3D.

      For now my cockpit will be FSX like Tom said. To many $$$ invested.


  2. I agree. But I think I will give p3d a real chance. I will only buy new add ons if they are p3d compatible for example. And I think that serious users of fsx should buy p3d and at the full price at that. If LM does not see a commercial success than the platform will die, and this time it will be final. BTW I have no relationship with them whatsoever.

    On another note – I thought I saw a solution for the fip. Didn’t try it yet. So you’re saying it still doesn’t work for you? I have a single one. Don’t know whether it makes a difference.


    1. Hi Anon, surely I will give P3D another chance and hope that it will be successful. My comparison was based on the bare FSX and P3D — no addons, just Saitek gears. Either my computer is a brand new one with just the necessary software installed.
      My 7 FIPs in general react slowly under P3D than when they are working with FSX. And the most frustrating thing is they sometimes pause and stutter, making the readings unreliable.
      Don’t know if it’s the driver or P3D’s problem.
      You said you saw a solution. Could you tell me where it is?


      1. I tried to find the post about the solution. I thought I bookmarked it, but I cannot quite figure out yet where it was posted. Read so much material lately regarding p3d issues and fixes that I get a bit confused :-)


  3. Hi

    Well I am using both ver 2 and 1.4 at the moment – just to say I have had no issues whatsoever with Saitek FIP’s (I have 4 connected). The Majestic Dash 8 is working – not in a position to try the PMDG NGX but others have it working. Do have a problem with Aerosoft Amsterdam airport scenery though Zurich seems OK. Don’t know whether that is because of my video card (Nvid GTX760 2Gig) or an Aerosoft issue. Ultimately, I think I will make a complete transition when Orbx have the new installers in place.

    John Metcalfe


    1. Hi John, thanks for the note.
      My 7 FIPs can connect to P3D but in general react slowly than when they are working with FSX. And the most frustrating thing is they frequently stutter and even pause a second or so sometimes, making the readings on the gauges unreliable.
      Don’t know if it’s the driver or P3D’s problem.
      I am not saying P3D is bad. But before I find a solution, I have no choice but to keep FSX my simulator platform.


  4. Tom, given their excellent hardware, it’s a real shame Saitek/Mad Catz do not care for any further development of their drivers, neither for X-Plane nor for Prepar3d. I suggest as many users as possible bugging them. I just did via mail. Not that I am convinced it will help, but it gives me a better feeling. Kind regards, Michael


  5. I would like to think of this as ‘growing pangs’.

    I still remember the shift over from FS9 to FSX. It took a long time to actually wean ourselves away from FS9 and finally accept FSX (with all its quirks and whims).

    Having said that, I MUST qualify my opinion with, I am yet to test out P3D. I have been avidly reading up on it though. I really think, P3D is going to be the future of FSX.

    But, like you said. For the time being, I am sticking with FSX.


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