226: Prepar3D is Good but…

After testing P3D for a few days, I have to say that it still hasn’t convince me to switch away from FSX.   One of the most devastating reasons is the program couldn’t work with my Saitek hardware seamlessly.   For example, the yoke and rudders are intermittently losing connections during a flight.  And in particular the gauge displays on FIPs, most of the time, are stuttering.

I must admit that I am amazed by P3D’s stunning image and lighting renditions even though the high-quality effect does come with a performance hit.   I am still exploring solutions to the issues I encountered.

So for now, P3D is good but…


22 thoughts on “226: Prepar3D is Good but…

  1. Absolutely agree with Tom’s conclusion. As I comment before the platform has a great potential and it is very promessing. I am sure that it will improve in the next months. Nevertheless, fact is that my FIPs are not working correctly for the moment and causing some stuttering. Also some performance issues when displaying some of the effects… Even the Global FTX is still not optimized for P3d v2 as other addons… I stay tuned…


    1. Yes, P3D does move a big step forward in many of the features when comparing with FSX. However, the company is still not paying enough attention to common hardware and software simmers are using.
      If you want FSX users to switch to your product, you have to make sure the migration to be as smooth as possible.
      IMO, it is one of the reasons why P3D still can’t overtake FSX after all these years. The disability really kill the interest of many users who areconsidering to swtich.


  2. Now days Hardware is very important in software design. What puzzle me is that they advertise not for home play but rather for Pro use. Yet we still have to figure out how to for the hardware. I think it must have been conditions when Microsoft sold the codes to LM that it would not be advertise for game play.

    As you said Tom some visual is big improvement over FSX, even the Fog was pretty good.

    I suppose with a bit of time things might improve.



      1. Hi tried the FIP’s on USB 3.0 in P3D with that exe.xml copied from FSX and i’m using Win 7 and so far no issue, no lag either. The PC is going to be connected to the cockpit hopefully this weekend so I can install and set the rest of the hardware and I will try again with P3D and FSX see what I it will do. I also got installed the bought version of FSUIPC.


      2. Thanks Mario for the note. Probably Win 8 is the real cause of error. Haven’t used my computer for a few days. Probably I should replace the OS with Win 7.


  3. Hi Tom, that yoke issue is a Windows 8 issue not P3D. The best solution is to let FSUIPC control all the devices only, delete any settings in P3D controller menu. It has worked ok for me since doing that. Also make sure, in Device Manager that your USB ports don’t have automatic power off switched on (can’t remember where it is exactly).

    FSX lost controller connection loads more than P3D did for me in Windows 8.



    1. Hi James,
      The connection dropping issue has nothing to do with the FSUIPC or Win 8. The problem still happens with FSUIPC registered version installed.
      When the connection is lost, there is no way to reconnect it again by plugging and unplugging. I have to restart P3D in order to get it connected again.
      Also, the Yoke is connected securely in FSX under Win 8. No problem found so far.


      1. From my understanding James is mostly correct… I understand it as a P3D issue that only affects Win 8. I did notice it is on their list to be fixed: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=4373

        I also agree with him to use FSUIPC exclusively. Meaning (if I remember correctly as I don’t have it in front of me) in P3D you tick the little checkbox to disable hardware controllers completely. (top left corner of the controllers screen) You would then only be able to assign keyboard keys in P3D, no joystick buttons or axis’. Then completely set up your controllers in FSUIPC.

        Once you get it down it’s wonderful. I have profiles so I can fly single engine props using my TPM, dual props using my dual throttle quadrants, or 2 or 4 engine jets again using the throttle quadrants. I even have separate profiles for joystick versus yoke controlled aircraft. Once they are set up for a specific aircraft you don’t have to touch it again. You can also assign the same profile to as many aircraft as you want. When I’m in a 2 engine jet the TPM does nothing, so I can leave everything pushed in and out of the way. I also copied my FSUIPC from FSX to P3D so I didn’t have to recreate it.

        I hope that helps some.


  4. Hi,
    I have managed to get the yoke and pedals working and with a lot of fiddling with FSUIPC, the trim wheel. I haven’t actually tried the switch and radio panel in anger but they do light up and seem to work in conjunction with SPAD. My show stopper is the throttle. It worked at first but now it keeps going back to idle, give it a wiggle and full power is restored then a couple of seconds later it’s back to idle. makes a circuit q real challenge.
    I hope someone finds the answer to these issues, as you said visually it’s great.



    1. Hi Ed,
      My yoke and pedals work ok so far under Saitek’s drivers, and this is true for the mutli-, switch- and radio- panels. But the LED display doesn’t come up some times and I have to unplug and replugging it to revoke it. Also, the SPAD driver has some functions dropped in P3D, for example the battery switch button and Squark code are not functioning.
      Not sure if it is Win 8’s problem. I am considering going back to Win 7 but still want to give Win 8 another chance.


      1. Hi Tom
        I’m on Win 7 64bit and judging by the posts on LMs forum the issues affect both Win 7 and 8.
        The good news is that LM have acknowledged that there is an issue and Wesley has promised a fix. There is a sticky in the hardware issues section of the forum with lots of issue notifications and Wesley’s response. Keeping my fingers crossed as having come from 2004, FSX, P3D 1.3, and 1.4 I really want to stay with the future.


  5. You said in an earlier post that you were going to use USB3.0 powered hubs. Did you use USB2.0 or 3.0 external powered hubs? If USB3.0, do you think they could be the source of the problem?

    Rick S


    1. Hi Rick,
      No, my Saitek hardware are connected via USB 2.0 ports. I haven’t tried them on the USB 3.0 hubs yet. Just don’t want to deal with too much uncertainties at the same time.


  6. I feel exactly the same, P3D has some amazing new features but it still have some distance to go before it’ll be a complete and finished product.

    I hope that day will come in a not too distant future and when it does we’ll have an amazing product to enjoy!


  7. Tom, I have had similar problems but found that SPAD works great with p3d along with FSUIPC. However I cannot get my TPM working properly. P3d seems to do wierd things sometimes! Not convinced either!
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


    1. Hi, I don’t have problem with the TPM. But you are right that P3D does act strangely sometimes.
      Considering to reinstall it under Win 7 instead of Win 8. Many people suggest that should help solve some of the issues.


  8. hi tom

    the issue you are having has something to do with win8
    ive been having the same problems, now i switched back to win7 and the problems disappeared (compatibility mode doesnt help)


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