205: Sign-in for the New C172 Gauge Now

I used to only flightsim Cessna 172 before switching to the bigger T210.  But even though the C172 is no longer my favorite, I’ve kept thinking of creating new FIP gauges for it.


The C172 gauge on the right, though looks simple, consists of four different gauges actually.  And how to properly shink them within the small footprint of the FIP resolution requires many attentions too.

After working on and off over the last few weeks, the overall design and programming for it were basically done.  It has now entered the testing and adjustment phase.

I am aiming to have it ready on the Third Anniversary Day coming in this month for friends who’s been supporting FSX Times.

Anyone (FSX Times subscribers Only) who wants a copy of it should sign-in their requests in the Comment section below before the Anniversary Day. The download link will be sent right after it is ready.

For those who fail to submit their requests in time, they will have to wait another month for it.

“Have Fun” — as I always quote.

All eligible requests are listed below.   Non-FSX Times subscribers’ requests will be ignored and not listed.


66 thoughts on “205: Sign-in for the New C172 Gauge Now

  1. Hi Tom, I would like to be added to the list of people queueing up for these/ Can you tell me if its easily possible to edit gauges to show pressure in millibars. Being a UK flyer with the ATC I always get told the value in millibars.




    1. Hi Mark,
      Welcome for joining. Have sent you the C172 gauges by email. Check your mailbox.
      No, I didn’t make a millibar version for the C172. However, I do have one for the T210 and it should be good for the C172 as well.
      But I need to dig it out from my computer. It should take a while. If I don’t get back to you in two weeks, ask me again.


  2. Hi Tom,

    Congratulation again for your great work.

    Could you please add me to your list on September 15th for the C172 gauges.




  3. Hi Tom,

    Fantastic work my friend! I stumbled upon your site after purchasing my first gauges. I am so happy you have taken the time and effort to bring this information and products to the world. Thank you!

    Could I please be included in the next release? Very much looking forward to it.

    Thanks again! Off to check out more of your site…




  4. Hi Tom,
    I’ve just found this site and the wonderful work you’ve done on the gauge that seem to improve significantly the resolution compared to the initial gauges! It will be the perfect engine gauges missing for my cessna 172 home cockpit.
    Would you mind sending me the link when available?



  5. Just found and subscribed to your site today August 16th. Please sign me up for the C172 gauges! Do I have to wait a month?!


      1. uh, just checked back cause the new post said the gauges have shipped. And yes, that was my old address, now forwarding to my new one. Will sign this message with the old address…



  6. Hi Tom, congrats on your forthcoming third anniversary, love your gauges, am now up to Ten Saitek FIP’s now and would buy one more if you could make a compass one day if you can find time :)

    Please count me in for this C172 gauge when ready please.




      1. Noted Jan. I got many spam followers so I totally ignore follower group. That’s why I ask people to subscribe by email address which I can take better control from it.


  7. Yeah, guess you’re right. As always free is never free, except for gifts from friends.
    For which we thank you. Look at those wonderful gauges almost on a daily basis and they add a lot to the simming experience. Can’t wait to try your latest creation!

    Had a model train set way back before PC’s together with cousin of mine. Train, Bus simms didn’t cut it or me but Euro Truck 2 sim is good fun. Didn’t look at the specs for it but you’ll need fair PC with some ram and good graphicscard. Graphics awesome.

    Still think was worth investing in my new hardware. Although we all know, that as soon as have it there is something new and better. It is like you mentioned. It is because of the life-stuff that have you to postphone upgrades because the money is needed for the more basic stuff of life.



  8. G’day from Dubai Tom!

    Lovely gift for us and congratulations on the upcoming 3rd Anniversary.

    Sign me up for the C172 gauges please.


  9. Thanks Tom for your continuing work on the FIP gauges. Your other Cessna gauges are an integral part of my C172 Simpit. I’m really looking forward to this one. Regards Mike C


  10. Sign me up for that gauge Tom. Great work there!!!
    I started one a while back for the T210, maybe later you could have a look at it, I wanted to create a border around each one, they are rectangle instead of round.
    I did test it and worked ok.


    1. Hi Mario,
      The rectangulary one is on my list. Actually I did a rounded one for the T210 but it doesn’t look good so I just keep it to myself.
      The rectangulary one shouldn’t take too long to complete I hope.


  11. Hi Tom,

    Has been a while since we had contact. Got sidetracked a little from Flightsimming. Got myself permanently employed with my current contract. Have/can put my apartment up for sale now. The reason took this job: 1. Love it and is great place to work with super colleagues 2. Can finally move there after two years. Which will cut daily traveltime down by two hours. Rather use that for simming. So for the time being, that means my cockpit build is on hold. Nevertheless still flying as my new PC is performing well even without any mean tweaks and/or overclocking. So still have some “reserve” power when needed later. ;)

    Last week got hooked a little, on the “Euro Truck Simulator 2” game. At first thought, well how much fun can that be? Turned out to be totally epic and very addictive. Luckily the demo time ran out. Hahaha but guess will buy a copy when it’s on sale at Steam or some other place to explore it so more. This, next to Flightsimming, suits me better GTA or F1. What I like about it. Easy. Building your own trucking business. Great graphics and has weird stuff in it. sort of Easter eggs but not really. It’s also modifiable with growning community. Cons: really stupid AI traffic and if you runs without a mod unrealistic traffic. So far only Europe to traveler. Mods like TSM will get you in Nothern Africa and bit higher North and also the more Eastern parts of Europe. Managed for time being to “tune” my Saitek yoke to function as steering wheel. Maybe its not your type thing.

    Anyway hope you can pull of that gauge as I did try but was a total fail ! Can do a little but this one was beyond my power of tweaking or copy and modify some lines in an xml.

    Your blog is looking great by the way but just quick Q. Was wondering why I’ve to login to wordpress to like your post(s)?

    Keep up the good work and keep on flying, Hans


    1. Hi Hans,

      Glad to hear that you’ve gotten (most) things on track. We all have life-stuffs distractions but that’s the fun of living, right?

      I’ve been talking and talking and talking about upgrading my PC, and up to now, I’m still talking. My computer’s power is pretty much up to the limit but it’s still working fine. So, haha…still talking.

      Never tried Euro Truck before but I like Train Simulator. I once dreamt to build a good model train setup but it didn’t realized due to many reasons. When I got older I turned to Train Simulator but the quality was poor then. I later found FSX and here I am now. Besides Train, I like SimCity. I will definitely get the latest one when I get my new PC…when I get my new PC…haha.

      Regard your question about “like”. No idea. I guess that’s the price for “Free”.



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