FSX Times Just passed 500,000 Views

I am so glad that views of FSX Times has just passed the 500,000 landmark earlier today.    This blog took 16 months to grow from zero to 100,000 views in December 2011.    Over the last 15 months, views has accumulated 4 times more in similar timeframe.

Regretfully, there are many ideas I originally planned for this blog couldn’t be realized due to my tying up with another personal project.   Even worse, the situation will continue to be so for another year, at least.
Anyway, thanks to you all who supported FSX Times.   It is no promise but I’ll do my best to write more posts when I can.

138: More than 100,000 Views

Hi Friends, the page views of this blog has passed 100,000, which originally I didn’t expect to reach until early 2012.    The number, 100,000, may be just a fraction to other big sites but really it is a milestone to my blog and I am so happy to see the readership grow.

In coming 2012, I will expand and transform this blog into a full website which will include more features and information for and from the FSX world.

For now, Happy New Year to you all!