450: VRInsight Flight Master Yoke-II Review

My new cockpit is still far from complete but it is operable now with the “new” VRInsight Flight Master Yoke-II (the Yoke) is in position.

Actually, I bought the Yoke nearly three years ago in October 2014, at which I had an intention to have it to replace my long-used Saitek Cessna Yoke and the Switch Panel altogether, because the VRInsight Yoke has already integrated most of the key switches found on the Switch Panel.

Unfortunately, the plan didn’t work out because I had mis-calculated (or more precisely confused by) the Yoke’s published dimensions.  With 26 inches or 66 centimeters in depth (the company uses Width), the Yoke was far too deeper than my old work-bench could accommodate.  So, it has been kept in the storage for the last three years until I finally get a bigger table to be able to use it now.

What a coincidence that VRInsight has just announced their Yoke-III.   Therefore, a review for the older Yoke-II, I believe, should still shed some light for those who are interested in the new one.   In particular their specifications are almost the same, except the new model has just further included a push-pull Throttle, a Trim Lever (not trim wheel), and a few pounds in weight. Continue reading

134: Bye Bye Eclipse Yoke

Even though I managed to mount the CH Eclipse Yoke to the panel compartment under my desk recently, I have no choice but to replace it back with the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke eventually.

Although I prefers the handy features coming with the Eclipse Yoke in a compact form factor, the quality of it, both built and performance, is really under par.   Furthermore, it was so annoying to encounter this and that issues and misalignment from time to time.    So I am back with the Saitek Yoke and accompany a Throttle Quadrant on both sides of it.

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114: My Helicopter Controller

Although I have a Cyborg EVO Force from Saitek, I still prefer the XBox 360 Wireless Controller for all my helicopter flights.

Certainly, the Xbox 360 controller doesn’t look flightsim-realistic as the Cyborg one but it has superb controllability and a fair amount of good features.

As always, ONLY switch on (no plug in) the controller after FSX is loaded.   This can prevent the occasional but common button mapping problem.

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108: My CH Eclipse Yoke Setting

Updated: Nov-26, 2011
As mentioned earlier, I have replaced my long-used Saitek Yoke with CH Eclipse Yoke in my system. 

Actually I got the Eclipse just a month or two after its release.   I was attracted by its rudders, vertical and horizontal trim wheels, and throttle quadrant all integrated into one single casing.   In terms of features, Saitek Yoke really can’t compare.

However, the housing design of the Eclipse yoke (due to its oval shape) is very difficult to fit into my equipment chamber.   So it’s been put aside for a long time until recently I figured out how to do with it.

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