184: Maps – UK & Ireland

Here are the links of my modified version for UK & Ireland Google Earth airports and landmark maps.

The first one is based on Playhorizon’s VFR UK, UK2000 and other airport addon developers, covering England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.


The second one is from Orbx’s EU which covers England only.


One may use the links to compare the airports from above different developers.

As always, the links are downloadable.  However, it is recommended to just COPY the URLs and add them via the Network Link function in Google Earth, so that updates can be immediately called up when available.

News: Orbx’s EU England Released

Orbx just released its EU England scenery addon.   Just purchased and downloaded the file.

Even though I have reservation over some of the company’s airport addons, these regional scenery products are no doubt my must-buy.  (Edit: See my next Post 182)

I have PlayHorizon’s UK VFR.   It’s pretty good.  My only complaint is the lacking of 3D autogen objects.   Orbx’s new EU England is surely may be a strong competitor.  (Edit: See my next Post 182)

Moreover, from the company’s forum,UK2000’s detailed airports are in some ways compatible with this new addon.

Even though I’ve been tied up with something else these days, will still spend sometime to have it installed.   And look forward to seeing how it compares to UK VFR and how it works with UK2000’s airports.