498: RealAir Duke Gauges R2 Update

The FIP Gauges for Duke B60 and Duke Turbine from RealAir Simulations have been updated to version R2, which includes new gauges (such as a new Engine 4 in the Turbine set as shown on the right) besides fixes and optimizations.

In addition, the updated gauges are now Logitech drivers compatible.

Exisitng users should have received notification emails containing download links in their mailboxes by now.  Should any user not receiving the update, feel free to contact me by email or via Comment of this post.

365: RealAir Duke Gauges Major Update

The RealAir Duke Gauges have been updated to version 160622, which includes a number of fixes and major graphical RASDuke_160622_GIFenhancement, plus the additional “Extra” VSI version and Oil Quantity in Turbine Engine set.

Existing users should have received email(s) containing the download links and related information by now in their mailboxes.

Another upgrade to come soon is the GaugeSwitcher utility.   The new version will not only simplify UI and operations, but also has the ability to delete unwanted profiles from the list.   Most importantly, there will be no more needs of pressing “Esc” during switching.

Stay tuned.