453: Switching to P3Dv4 Q&A

A friend who sent me an email asking my opinion about making the jump from Prepar3D v3 to v4.

One of the biggest reasons he has not yet switching, is that he has TONS of addons for v3, and TONS of modifications that he has made.   And he really loathes the thought of having to set everything up again from scratch because he has spent many, many, many hours, getting p3d v3 to the way he has it now.

I guess there are still friends who have similar questions in mind about the switching.  So I am posting my replies to him below: Continue reading

390: AffinityMask Revisited

There are lots of comments on the Internet saying that the AffinityMask is no longer required in Prepar3D for a smooth flight.   Is it true?

The answer is both a YES and a NO, mainly depending on whether additional hardware are included.affinitymask-cpum

During the recent clean re-installation of the just released Prepar3D version 3.4, I must say that I was very impressed with its overall performance under the factory settings in the beginning.   But the thrill only lasted UNTIL my Saitek’s Flight Instrument Panels (a notorious performance hitter) were added to the system, no matter running under the Saitek or the SPAD.neXt driver.

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326: Prepar3D v3.1 – A MUST Update

Perhaps some of you already aware that Preap3D v3.1 is out.   If you are still hesitating whether or not to update, just in fear of any unexpected issues, especially the Xmas is coming, I would say “Yes” — Definitely — even just for the enhanced lighting effect.    Click images below to see the full pictures.


They are gorgeous, aren’t they?  Continue reading

324: Make Your Aircraft Invisible

It’s still true that I mainly flightsim in one of the following cockpit views reported in my Post 181.

1. Landing/Takeoff — showing the hood from the pilot seat on the left
2. Cruising — showing outside scenery only
3. Normal Cockpit — used only when FIPs are turned off

To implement the Cruising View, in particular, I used to disable the 2D-Cockpit in the camera.cfg first, and then create a specific CameraDefinition for it.    Recently, I found Prepar3D has a hidden feature which makes this customization process totally unnecessary as shown in the video below:

Two steps only are required: Continue reading

297: A Summary of Prepar3D v25 Changes

The confusions many Prepar3D users encountered after upgrading to version 2.5 are the result of a mixed subtle to major changes happened to the program’s long-held file structures that was inherited from Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Although many of these issues have been addressed by third-party manufacturers, it’s still useful to know what are the differences.   Following is a list summarizing the changes (but not limited to) made to the new version compared to earlier versions:

Under Prepar3D Program Directory

  • Folders REMOVED
    Addon Scenery

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256: Switching to P3D — An Afterthought

I being as a long-time FSX users switched to P3D recently, followings are my thoughts given to a friend who asked if it’s worth to “upgrade” from FSX to P3D.

Merely as a general pilot flight training aid, P3D doesn’t differ much from FSX in my experience.

Therefore, its $199.99 Professional (I’d rather call it a Basic) Licence price-tag is comparatively quite high.   If someone wants to develop software for it, he/she has to pay an extra $9.95 to Lockheed Martin every month.

Even though its $59.95 Academic Licence seems to be more reasonable, users of this Licence should note that they are positioning themselves as undergraduate or K-12 or pilot students.  I wonder how many users of this group are actually coming from the defined categories.

Moreover, Continue reading

243: Lost and Found

Switching to P3D could also mean losing many handy features added to FSX previously.  FSDiscover is definitely one of them.  Until Flight1 launches a P3D compatible version, command TOGGLE_AIRPORT_NAME_DISPLAY is my temporary measure when I am lost in the sky.

Just open the Standard.XML file inside the Controls folder where Prepar3D.cfg is located.   Then add the command to any key or key combination and save it.   That’s all.   Names of airports around current location will be shown when the key or key combination is pressed.

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236: P3D v2.2 Part 1 – Still No Good ?!

With the launch of the P3D v2.2 on Monday, I did a clean install with the hope that it would bring better performance to the LM platform while solving many of its earlier reported issues, especially the three ghosts that had been haunting my system since the beginning — namely, stutters, Saitek Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) sluggishness and texture blurriness.

Actually, over the last few weeks, the first ghost, stutters, was in general removed through the increase of the BufferPool to 900 millions as described in Post 234.

The FIP smoothness was also enhanced by assigning the first 2 CPU cores via Set Affinity option under Windows Task Manager.  Similarly, the texture blurriness was improved with the AffinityMask set to 252, which dedicated the last 6 CPU cores for the simulator.

Although it still couldn’t be said ideal, P3D v2.1 at that moment was pretty close to what FSX was performing on my rig.  Continue reading