News: P3Dv5 Hot Fix 2 is Here

In case you are not aware, P3Dv5 Hot Fix 2 is now available.  According to LM, additional fixes for high priority issues are included in the new Client installer.  The Content, Scenery and SDK updates are optional.

IMPORTANT: Make a full backup of your current setup before updating to Hot Fix 2, just in case, because past experiences tell new updates DO NOT mean they are error-free.

Also, check with what others say about the Hot Fix 2 in the P3D Forum before you proceed.  It may saves you a lot of troubles.

573: A Quick Update on P3Dv5

I flew the P3Dv5 continuously for nearly three hours this afternoon.  Besides the landclass issues that I mentioned in my Post 568 earlier, I didn’t encounter any other issues reported in P3D forum during the session (perhaps some but not noticeable to me) luckily.

Of course the ATC service was kept silence all the time except during take-off and landing.  This is a known bug so far causing freezes or CTDs.  Other than that, I really feel the new simulator runs smoother.

Be the way, I have clean installed the latest Nvidia drivers again and Continue reading

568: Really No Need to Rush for P3Dv5

After running P3Dv5 for two days, my initial impression stated at Post 564 continue to be valid.  Also true is my earlier comment saying that “there’s really no need to rush for it.”

If I remember correctly, every time when P3D had a major update (1.xx, 2.xx, 3.xx, 4.xx), the very first version always full of issues.  This latest version 5.0 is of no exception.

Followings are a couple of photos comparing the Sion Airport (LSGS) and Bowermen Airport (KHQM) between version 4.5 and 5.0.

The big trench on the left is flat actually.   Orbx Base Pack & EU open LC don’t help.

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565: FSUIPC5 Works on P3Dv5

While waiting to purchase the FSUIPC6 as mentioned in last post, I popped up an idea: “Why not test the existing FSUIPC5 with the new P3D first?”

So I copied the DLL.XML from the configuration directory of P3Dv4 to the directory of P3Dv5.


They work together nicely.   I don’t even need to modify the file at all.   Just copy and paste the DLL.XML from the v4 directory to the new v5 directory and then all is set.

The two folders involved are as follows: Continue reading

339: P3Dv3.2 First Impression

Installed the new Prepar3D version 3.2 last night and played with it for a few hours under the same settings (including third-party addons and peripheral hardware) as in the last version.   P3Dv32_01

Surely it’s impossible to “experience” all the new features that come with the new version in such a short time, but two features that mentioned in the version’s release announcement could be confirmed right away. Continue reading

News: Prepar3D Version 3.2 Available Now

Lockheed Martin just released the latest version 3.2 of Prepar3D.

The company says that the new update brings several new features and numerous platform, rendering, SimDirector, SDK, SimConnect, and multiplayer updates – including increased performance for multiple views and touch gesture support.

Sounds exciting!   Go get your download if you haven’t done so.

I normally create an image copy before major update like this just to play safe.   You’re recommended to do the same.

Also, Michael’s comment Continue reading

324: Make Your Aircraft Invisible

It’s still true that I mainly flightsim in one of the following cockpit views reported in my Post 181.

1. Landing/Takeoff — showing the hood from the pilot seat on the left
2. Cruising — showing outside scenery only
3. Normal Cockpit — used only when FIPs are turned off

To implement the Cruising View, in particular, I used to disable the 2D-Cockpit in the camera.cfg first, and then create a specific CameraDefinition for it.    Recently, I found Prepar3D has a hidden feature which makes this customization process totally unnecessary as shown in the video below:

Two steps only are required: Continue reading