541: FIP Gauge Installer is now

The automatic installer of my gauges is now compatible with the newer Logitech driver

However, if you don’t encounter any issue with your current versions, keep on using them.  DO NOT UPDATE your driver to the newer version.

Because if you do, all your gauges already installed WILL BE REMOVED and you will have to REINSTALL them again.

521: Don’t Update Your Logitech Drivers

To all users running my gauges under Saitek/Logitech Drivers
DO NOT UPDATE your drivers to Version

The location of this driver has changed, making it no longer compatible with the installer of my gauges.   In particular, it will remove all your gauges already installed.

If you do not have any issue with your current drivers, keep on using them.   I don’t find any benefit but Continue reading

467: Logitech Driver has Error

While working on a fix to address the differences in filenames between the old Saitek drivers and the new Logitech drivers for the installer program of my gauges yesterday, I found the latest FSX and Prepar3D Plug-in on Logitech website simply has error itself.Again, as suggested in my earlier Post 447, DO NOT update your already working Saitek drivers to the Logitech ones for the moment.   If you already did or if you are new Saitek Gear users after the acquisition, at least do not use this version.  The earlier version is fine.

This erroneous version was released in September Continue reading