741: FIP 3-Gauge PACKS for G1000 Aircraft

Jim Gerow recently raised in the Discord’s Gauges-for-MSFS Channel that flightsimmers, like him, run their cockpits with the G1000 hardware might only need the corresponding FIP Gauges for the ASI, ATT and ALT.  He proposed that some 3-Gauge Packs for the G1000 aircraft in MSFS should be added to my FIP line-up.
Cirrus SR22_04S
Yes, that makes sense.  Five 3-Gauge Packs for the Cessna C172-G1000, Cirrus SR22, Diamond DA40-NG, BeechCraft G36 and G58 have jsut been created.

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691: G1000 on FIP now MSFS Compatible

Regarding Simgeneering’s G1000 MFD implemented for Logitech’s Flight Instrument Panel MFD (FIP) reported in Post 677, do you like me feeling a little disappointed since it is for FSX only?

No more, John, the developer, informed me that he has created a new version of the MFD that is compatible with MSFS now.

Besides needing more memory, system requirements are generally the same as the previous version.  That’s great.

You can check out more information about the MSFS version on John’s Simgeneering here.

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677: G1000 on FIP is now Possible

Have you ever had an idea if the G1000 instruments could be shown on the Logitech’s Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs), it would be great?
It is possible now.

John of Simgeneering, a private pilot in New Zealand, said he was inspired to create his own since he couldn’t find one on the market for his instrument rating training.

So far, he has implmented an emulator for the G1000 MFD (Multi-function Display), which Continue reading