673: MSFS is really Depressing – Update

I am so happy to report that the MSFS on both my machines have recovered from CTDs. One by reinstalling to a new folder.  The other was by replacing the Community Folder with an empty one.

After I posted the CTDs on both my machines yesterday, Robert Temmerman suggested me to remove the Community folder to avoid any potential or tangible incompatibility among the addons in the folder with MSFS update.  He said he ran into similar situations before and it took him a while to figure this out.

Jim Gerow also forwarded me an announcement from RealsimGear saying that their addons are temporarily incompatible with MSFS after France update and they are working onto fixing it.

Sadly, I didn’t receive any notice from RealsimGear nor I alerted enough to aware that the GNSs I recently added to my system would be the culprit causing the crash.

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672: MSFS is really Depressing

MSFS is really a depressing game to me. It took me nearly two months to get it installed on my PC in the beginning. Then having this and that issue fixed and solved over the months, I finally had it set up right recently.

But after the latest France update yesterday, it crashes to desktop (CTD) on BOTH of my machines, meaning I am totally shut off from it.

I am currently reinstalling the game on one of my machines again.  It’s going to take another 12 hours or so, l believe, for the 171.83GB contents.

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654: My Vegetations Mod Updated

In addition to some adjustments to the maximum and minimun values in my last modified vegetation file reported in Post 648, a new tweak to display trees to far distance without performance hit (click image below to enlarge) is further included.  It has become my MUST-HAVE tweak for MSFS 2020.

As we know that simulators only load up autogens within specific distance surrounding the aircraft.  With this mod showing vegetations virtually unlimited in far distance, the popping up of other autogens becomes unnoticeable — giving you an illusion that everything is already in place.

The last modified vegetation file I put in the Freeware Section in my Store has been updated with this new one. Continue reading

649: 4K Monitor Refresh Rate for MSFS

Since my new PC with an RTX3090 graphics card was straight out from the box, the framerate steadies around 30 under Ultra settings.  Even though I was a bit surprised by this low number, I didn’t pay much attention to it since everything seems to be working fine.

Until the last weekend I had some time seriously looking at the new system.  I found the framerate didn’t change much no matter what I did to the settings.  The framerate still sat around 30 somethings.

I started to wonder why since the framerate on my other computer with an i7 6850 CPU and 1080Ti graphics card gains a lot more than that under Ultra settings.

Excluding the CPU and the graphics card, the most suspicious cause of the low framerate seems to be from the monitors I found lastly. Continue reading

648: My MSFS Vegetations Mod

Vegetations in MSFS are generally regarded oversized and look unrealistically.  There are tips on the Internet to help improve the situation by reducing the MAX and MIN values of all entries in the 10-asobo_species.xml file under “/fs-base/vegetation” folder to about 60% – 80% (or about 4 – 8 points) of their originals.

Vegetations look more realistic with the mod

My personal preference after tests is to keep the minimum values unchanged but to lower the maximum values to the same values of the minimum; or to 5 when the minimum values are less than 5.

Reducing all the maximum values to the minimum values is also good.

Here’s the download link to the five Vegetation files Continue reading