610: Cessna Flaps Lever 3D File

Have just recreated the 3D print file for the Cessna Flaps Lever I used on the Desktop Aviator.com’s Flaps module (see last Post) in my cockpit.  Surely nothing fancy.  Probably many friends with 3D printers know how to create one themselves.  Anyway, this is my first creation with a 3D printer for flight simulation.

Anyone interested could get a copy of it from the Freeware section in my store here: 3D-Files

609: My Cockpit Rev #22 – Flaps Lever

I’ve been playing a lot with the newly bought 3D printer lately.   After many failures, I finally made a satisfied Flaps Lever to replace the little black round button coming with the Flaps Indicator by Desktop Aviator.

The 3D model of the Cessna flap lever I earlier sourced from the Internet wasn’t bad.  However, it is a bit small and the shaft hole doesn’t fit the metal shaft, which is flat, on the indicator.

Therefore, instead of modifying the file, Continue reading