335: The B58 Gauges are Ready Now

The long waited B58 Gauges are ready now.

Click me to see the Extended Version

The B58 gauges come in two different versions — one for the default B58 and one for the Carenado B58.

Click me to see the Extended Version

Although the two gauge sets look similar in some ways, there are actually many subtle but notable differences between the two in terms of design and coding implementations.   And the same gauge from the two versions could act differently in many occasions.   It is one of the reasons dragging my original plan behind. Continue reading

332: A36 Bonanza Gauges Now Ready

The Installer Program for the Carenado A36 Gauge Series is completed.   Those who took the pre-sale offer should have received the download link in their mailboxes already.A36_ASI_ANIMATION

In this official release, an extra standalone gauge plate for the Turn Coordinator is included.   Local and Zulu Time Clocks are added to the AirSpeed Indicator.  The True Airspeed Digital Display shown in the last preview has been moved to a position overlaying A36_HSI_160110E_resizethe TAS button.

Besides the Flight Director features on the Attitude Indicator (see my Post 327), a Wind Direction Indicator on the HSI gauge and Centering Indicators for the Aileron and Pitch Trim Wheels on the ADF gauge are also added for easy adjustments.

All these last minute touches tend to render Continue reading