133: Texture_Bandwidth_Mult Revisited

Haven’t written a lot recently because I’ve been testing extensively with different tweaks on my system (mainly due to the addition of HD6970).    Also, some more hardware changes and replacements are going on.   Both consume a lot of time.

So far, there are two positive findings resulted from these tests, which help reduces the occasional stutters in my current setup described in Post 131.

1)  Under the Display Device section, use Anisotropic=1 rather than TriLinear=1, even though the Anisotropic Filtering is hardware controlled via the Catalyst Control Center.   Don’t ask me why.   It just performs better.

[DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series.0]

2)  Mentioned in Post 27 that increasing the value of TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT under [Display] section could render a smoother display quality.   The result is more obvious from my current HD 6970 card than the retired HD 5870.    Three of my flying regions have been raised to 800 from 400.    Values higher than 800, however, cause negative impacts.


Remaining regions are being tested, and will report the results later.