455: Affinity Mask Calculator Enhanced

The Affinity Mask Calculator has just been enhanced to include the conversions from Affinity Mask values back to CPU combinations.   Operation is as simple as entering the Affinity Mask value in decimal via the keypad provided.   To choose between the calculators, just click on the title bar for the conversion required.

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449: Checking Affinity Mask Performance in Realtime

Affinity Mask could bring improvements to flight simulators.  But the question is: how can we tell from a hypothetical value (or more precisely a CPU combination) that it will bring positive gains to our system before we put it in the configuration file (fsx.cfg or Prepar3D.cfg) ?

Frankly, I don’t have a good answer myself because there are so many variables involved.   However, following is the approach I take to precheck the performances from different Affinity Masks in realtime, then thru which I pick the one I think the best for my set up.
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448: Affinity Mask Calculator

Affinity Mask is commonly recognized as one of the most useful features that allows flightsimmers to improve system performance by altering the combination of running CPUs assigned to the simulator.

Here’s my Affinity Mask Calculator (with redesigned interface) version that I hope it could give you some helps during your search for the best possible value.

Using the calculator is simple and intuitive — just select the CPUs you want to assign to FSX or Prepar3D based on: Continue reading

390: AffinityMask Revisited

There are lots of comments on the Internet saying that the AffinityMask is no longer required in Prepar3D for a smooth flight.   Is it true?

The answer is both a YES and a NO, mainly depending on whether additional hardware are included.affinitymask-cpum

During the recent clean re-installation of the just released Prepar3D version 3.4, I must say that I was very impressed with its overall performance under the factory settings in the beginning.   But the thrill only lasted UNTIL my Saitek’s Flight Instrument Panels (a notorious performance hitter) were added to the system, no matter running under the Saitek or the SPAD.neXt driver.

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329: AffinityMask=256

AffinityMask is the highest searched subject in my blog.   There are many recommended values over the Internet and I’ve tried and explored many of the suggestions (see my various Posts here) for both my FSX and P3D systems.

Since early last year, I’ve been using  AffinityMask=256  in my P3D setup.

I know the Binary of 255 equals to 11111111, which represents the using of all 8 cores on a Quad-core 8-Thread CPU when it is assigned for the AffinityMask.

And the Binary value of 256 equals to Continue reading

231: AffinityMask for P3D V2

Although I said that FSX is still my preferred simulator platform, it doesn’t mean that I am totally giving up on P3D V2.   The two main issues that stop me from swtiching to this highly expected simulator are third-party addon compatibility and lagging FIP gauges.

For the first one, I couldn’t do anything but to wait for updates and fixes from either Lockheed Martin or related developers or we users ourselves.  For the second, after weeks of on-and-off trials and errors, I am glad to say that the lagging issue my FIPs encountered has been generally reduced to a minimum level that is now fully playable under P3D environment.

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