596: New Menu Group

Received a few emails asking the specs of my hardware and software after yesterday’s post regarding tweaks to my system.  Per these requests, a new menu group “My Project” is just created (name may be changed later).

In addition to the existing “My Cockpit” section, a new “My P3Dv5 Settings” column is added under it as well.   In the coming weeks, I will add in more columns covering different aspects of my system, and they will be updated from time to time when changes are made.  Thanks to all who raised the question so I can come up with such an idea for a new menu group, which is not only good for fans’ interests but also important for my own references as well.

595: My Basic System Tweaks

A flightsimmer fan posted a new thread on the P3D forum saying that he finally solves the micro-stutter issue on his system by disabling the “dynamic tick” feature in Windows.  Good for him!

Actually the trick has been around for sometimes, and whether it effective or not, as usual, depends very much on one’s own system, as it didn’t make any difference on mine.  Anyway, it’s still worth a try to see if it works on yours.

To use it, enter “bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes” under Command Prompt.

If you don’t like it, type in “bcdedit /deletevalue disabledynamictick” to remove it.  Do remember to backup your system first, just in case.

When talking about system tuning, followings are some of the tweaks I’ve been using for a long time. Continue reading

594: My Cockpit Rev #19 – Mini Keyboard

With my DIY cockpit gradually forming in shape, I found the using and fitting of the keyboard and mouse a bit clumsy.  The worse is they cannot be simply “trashed” as they are needed for many inputs and controls, such as airport switching.

In the end, I found a solution of replacing the normal keyboard and the mouse with a miniature keyboard that comes with an integrated touchpad.  The best part is the keyboard even has a backlit.

Actually it (D8) is not my first choice. Continue reading

593: Shaders Cleaner P3Dv5a

The Shaders Cleaner for P3D has been updated to version 5a, which now includes the cleaning of the Effects folder as well.  It is available for download from the Freeware Section in my Store; and it continues to be downward-compatible with P3D version 3 and 4.

NOTE that after the shaders are cleaned, it may take a little longer for P3D to reload the flight session the next time.  The screen may even black out for some seconds.  No worry, everything will come back to normal after the shader cache is built again.


News: P3Dv5 Hot Fix 2 is Here

In case you are not aware, P3Dv5 Hot Fix 2 is now available.  According to LM, additional fixes for high priority issues are included in the new Client installer.  The Content, Scenery and SDK updates are optional.

IMPORTANT: Make a full backup of your current setup before updating to Hot Fix 2, just in case, because past experiences tell new updates DO NOT mean they are error-free.

Also, check with what others say about the Hot Fix 2 in the P3D Forum before you proceed.  It may saves you a lot of troubles.

592: My Cockpit Rev #18 – Full Cockpit Trial

I bought a full scale C172 glare-shield for my cockpit rebuilding back in 2017.  After setting up the FIPs and Avionics stacks two weeks ago, I found out they didn’t fit to each other.

Since the FIPs were leaned backward on their original plastic frames, which didn’t match with the vertical avionics stack at all, I then decided to replace them with a one-piece wooden frame just like the one I made for the avionics.  Moreover, as the avionics in one stack format would leave many empty spaces on the right, I decided to put them into a B58 style layout as well.

In addition, two 12-push button switch arrays from iflysims.com were added to the cockpit for general functions, such as open doors, etc.

Followings are the pictures during the makeover: Continue reading

591: My Cockpit Rev #17 – Parking Brake T-Handle

Over the last few months, I’ve been looking for a proper T-shade handle to replace the unattractive pull button handle on my parking brake.  Among the last three candidates I chose, the nylon one on the right is the final winner.

However, as the screw size of it is an M-6 and the shaft of the parking brake is an M-4, I have to additionally source Continue reading

590: Disable Full Screen Optimizations

If you are having multi-monitors in your system, you may try disabling the “Full Screen Optimizations” option in your simulator.  I came across this tip somewhere I found on the Internet many months ago and it said the framerate would be benefit.

I tried it on my system for a couple of weeks.  Frankly, I didn’t get any noticeable difference in the areas I usually fly.  But the framerate seems to be slightly higher and a bit more stable in other dense populated areas.

I can’t be 100% sure, but I found no issues from disabling the option as well.  So I just leave it.

Here’s how to do it: Continue reading