416: Find the Pits in Your System

Are you sure you have your system set up properly?   I thought I did until two days ago I found out that my 2133 MHz memory actually had been running at standard 1333 MHz for over a year.
Obviously I somehow missed the configuration the last time when I upgraded the system BIOS.  And too bad I didn’t aware of it at all.

The problem was spotted by a free utility Continue reading

415: Primary Flight Display Released

The generic Garmin G5 style PFD has been completed.   As mentioned earlier, this is by far the most complicated gauges I made for the FIP, particularly in terms of layout implementations.

For example, just the vertical speed indicator alone (on the edge of the right hand side) took me nearly a week to get to a satisfied result, which allows it to adapt to various vertical speed requirements up to +/- 9,900 feet.

Color matching is also a very time-consuming task because the bitmaps shown on the FIP Continue reading

414: New Guide, New Installer, New Gauges

Finally, I’ve completed the installation guide for my FIP gauges.   Even though the installation process is straightforward, which involves just a few mouse clicks in general, the new guide, with illustrations, should give users a clearer idea how the process goes.

In addition, the installer coming with my gauges has also been updated.  Now it can not only install my gauges for systems using Saitek driver as it always does, but it can also help organize my gauges on systems using SPAD.neXt in a proper manner. Continue reading

413: Something Funny to Share

Here’s the email I received a few days ago:

Someone: Hello, I have a 421C with a turbine conversion and I am looking for some new engines Insturments. I believe your instruments would be a perfect fit. How much would a suite of instruments cost with dual TRQ, ITT, Ng, Prop, FF and FP? Let me know, thanks.

Tom: Please inform who is the maker of the 421C since I don’t have it myself.
Are you using Saitek driver or SPAD.neXt ? FSX or P3D ?
I need some more information before I can tell you if I can make the gauges for you.

Someone: The airframe is Cessna, the turbines are Lycoming owned by Honeywell now. The gauges for the Turbine Duke will work.
Here is a picture of my plane.

Tom: I make gauges for fight simulation, not for the real aircraft.

Someone: Roger

412: GTX 1080 Ti is Here

Nvidia has just announced the official release of the GTX 1080 Ti.  With a relatively gtx1080ti_resizeaffordable price, the card even has some features better than the company’s flagship Nvidia Titan X.

Although I said in last May that I would not replace my 18-months old GTX 980 Titan X for the GTX 1080, this Ti one is definitely the card I’ve been waiting for.   Aren’t you?
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411: FIP Knobs Not Working Fix

I sometimes receive questions asking me “Why the knobs on one of my FIPs don’t work?   They used to be working fine.”

It is a bug in the Saitek driver.   When the SaiFlightSimX.xml builds up to a certain number (most likely over 15 from my experience), the knob command assigned to the last gauge (or the last two gauges)  becomes not functioning.

Suggested fixes are follows: Continue reading

410: Should I … X-Plane?

by Michael Basler (http://michael-basler.net)

Michael is a veteran flightsimmer, who started playing Flight Simulator 4 back in 1991.   About 2 weeks ago, while we were discussing various issues regarding compatibility of my FIP gauges in X-Plane, an idea of inviting him to write a guess piece for his impressions and thoughts on the new X-Plane 11 came to my mind suddenly.   Thanks Michael and here’s the piece.

xp11_logoAt first: No, I am not one more X-Plane evangelist trying to persuade you to “convert”.  But I don’t think it hurts to look what’s going on elsewhere.

At second: Do you think this is misplaced at FSX Times?  It’s not – as you’ll find below. Continue reading