My P3Dv5 Settings

Version: P3D_v5.0.31.35253 (HF2)     Update: 2020-07-03

All settings are based on personal preferences and results from testing.  Items needing special attention are framed in yellow with key notes.  Besides clicking on each image for higher resolution, there’s also a link at the bottom for a single file listing all pages together.

Higher Traffic sacrifices performance.   Above settings are reasonably good to my system and my eyes.

* FXAA is notorious bad to FSX and P3D in general.   Dynamic Texture Streaming and Variable Refresh Rate aren’t good to my system as well.  So they are all Disabled.

IMPORTANT: Setting Level of Detail Radius to Max and Autogen and Scenery Draw Distance to High gives me the best balance to see bountiful objects in farthest distance WITHOUT noticeable effect on performance.

* Tessellation Factor and Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation have bad effects on my system.  So they are set to Low or Disabled.

* Enhanced Atomospherics (Beta) does come with some nice features.  However it is full of problems and therefore Disabled.

* Dynamic Lighting is Disabled since it has little impact on performance.

Click here to see all settings in one column.