MSFS-Specific Gauges Pre-sale Offer

Followings are the FIP Gauge line-ups for the C172, C152 and DR400 in MSFS being developed.   Special Pre-Sale Discount offers given to Current FIP Gauge Users (highlight in blue) and Non-FIP Gauge (New) Users are listed below.

The pre-sale offer will end in two weeks till 18-Oct.

People interested in any of the bundle(s) could click the Payment Link here to place their orders.

Do remember to specify the bundle(s) you ordered in the Remarks column before checking out.

For the moment, there is NO exact release schedule for these gauges yet.  But all bundles should be completed by end of Nov-2020.

And whenever any individual gauge is ready, it will be delivered immediately.

Should you have questions, feel free to contact me at