Gauge Collection Paid

Note that all following gauges are to be used on Saitek’s Flight Instrument Panels under FSX or Prepar3D environment.

Standalone Cessna 172 Gauges (FSX and P3D Compatible)

Anyone interested could click HERE for details.


Integrated Cessna 172 Gauges (FSX and P3D Compatible)

Anyone interested could Click HERE for details.

C172_ASCLK_150501 C172_TCBAL_150507
AirSpeed Indicator with OAT                         Turn Coordinator with Balance & Weight

Enhanced Integrated Fuel Gauges                Altimeter with VORs__________________

C172_HDCMP_150112MS C172_VSADF
Heading Gyro with Compass & RPM           Vertical Speed Indicator with ADF

Enhanced Integrated Fuel Gauges

Refund is Not Possible after Download Links are sent


25 thoughts on “Gauge Collection Paid

  1. Hi again Tom,
    I prepaid and got the Standalone 10 gauge bundle from you. Can I (We) buy the Standalone Integrated Fuel (NOT ENHANCED) Gauges? Not sure why you have excluded it from purchase, however I still have the free Fuel gauge from earlier if you can’t.



  2. Hello Tom,

    Hong Kong? Great City! I used to work there in the early 80ties. We had our offices on Nathan Street, Kowloon. Beauiful city back then,very interesting.
    Yes I did many fresh installs and the latest one followed the instructions you gave in your tweak.
    I tried switching the FIPS with the up or down button as you mention but no connection.
    Can you send me a typical Exe.xml file as it should be. I think mine is wrong.



  3. Hello Tom,

    I “stumbled” across your website a few days ago and I am quite impressed by your knowledge of Flightsimming in general, Saitek instruments and issues, as well as other specialized topics. Your gauges are indeed very well designed.
    I have major problems with my F.I.P.s since they won’t connect any more since I updated the drivers around the 9th of september. I read your tweak about this but sadly enough the “cure” hasn’t worked for me so far.
    Note; I have been trying fix this issue for close to a month now. Initially I counted on Saitek support to help me but I quickly discovered that they are worthless. They don’t even read my emails explaining the problems and what I did to try to resolve them.
    I reloaded Win Pro 7 -64 bit, P3D V2.5 and of course followed your instructions for the latest fix.
    I also had a similar problem with the Multi, radio and AP panels but was able to connect them on a client PC using WideFS and FSuiPC4.
    NO matter what I try, the F.I.P.s won’t load.

    I also tried doing the same with firewall and anti-virus off.
    Results; F.I.P displays Saitek adverts but no connection with P3D.

    -Any other suggestions as to how I could get these instruments to run again?
    -Any way I can check whether they are materially able to connect? Is the ad display a sign that they work OK? This would avoid me wasting my time on damaged hardware.
    – Could I send the FIPS to you to load test them and if OK, load your instruments on them?
    – Do you know any way to connect them using WideFS on a client PC? It would help me double as it would lighten the load on the Server running P3D.

    As you can read, I really need your help.




    1. Hi Erik,
      Have you tried a fresh install? Try backing up the content of your previous DirectOutput folders (both). Then delete them and reinstall with the new driver.
      Also, check the content of your exe.xml file to see if the new directory is listed after the installation.
      When P3D is running, anything shows up on the FIP? Have you tried pressing the up down button on the FIP?
      I am in Hong Kong. I don’t think it is possible to send me your FIPs for testing.
      Not sure about WideFS. FIPs could be installed on another computer and then linked back via Simconnect.


  4. Hi Tom,

    I love your gauges…Am I able to customise them to fit in with my own custom cockpit build.

    EG To have the Airspeed with the Annunciator lights and Hobbs meter as all the Com 1 etc info I have a standalone Elite unit that covers it for me..

    Are you able to “Custom build gauges” for a fee of course..


  5. Hey Tom, ever thought of building a digital clock like Davtron 803 for FIP?
    Dont want to pay $300 bucks for Simkits version. Just a thought.


    1. Hi Dust,
      My Integrated Speed Indicator already has the clock included. Except that the timer function couldn’t be programmed due to Saitek’s hardware limitation, the rest are functioning similarly.
      Do you mean a Davtron 803 taking up the whole FIP?


  6. So Tom:
    Good news is that after some tweaking I got the image to load on the FIP under xplane … But it will not respond to any conltrol inputs or events from the sim…. When I get some time I will try to reverse engineer working heading indicator xml file and update yours ….. Any ideas ?

    Will keep you posted.



    1. Hi John. Yes, it is good news at least it loads to X-Plane. I guess you are using Saitek’s FIP on X-Plane already. If you could tell me how the FIP gauges load to X-Plane and send me the default gauges from Saitek that function in X-Plane, I might be able to figure out the cause of it. I’ll try but not a promise since I don’t have X-Plane and no way to test it.
      If you have any progress on your side, let me know. I’d appreciate it.


  7. Can I buy one of the instruments for testing purpose and if it works can I buy the bundle and you give me credit for the the one I brought for test ?


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